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Ban the user above you!

"Be there or be square" is banned because most of us (in this age), eat with more than a spoon. Banned - 2.png


Knife - Fork  - Spoon.png "Nothing is less important than which [spoon] you use. Etiquette is the science of living". Emily Post
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I'm calling the U.N.
Moderator Emeritus
The Streets of San FranCrisco is banned for Emily Posting.

Allblack and blue Chris is banned for spork allegations.
Agriculturally-employed person wore an undershirt for an extended period of time while outdoors is banned because he doesn't have the proper telephone to clean.


I'm calling the U.N.
Moderator Emeritus
Dic-a-daa-doo is banned for repeating himself and/or confusing me and/or repeating himself.


I'm calling the U.N.
Moderator Emeritus
I need a reason?

Now you tell me!
I ban Jim for his access to superior foods that I can't get, and posting pictures just to make me feel bad!
I ban Syngent because his handwriting makes us all look like scribbling apes by comparison. Well me at least, and if that isn't good enough reason for anyone, you too are summarily banned.
Your Banned for not getting on board with kilometers and the metric system
If it please your honour, I banned him before Veteran's Day.

Banning Josh for a) Banning me unnecessarily and b) for bumping his own thread :)

But you have 11 outfield players and no goalkeeper.

It's those kind of tactics which keep Scotland way down in the FIFA rankings. :whistling:
DrColossus11 is re-banned for being from Michigan. Go Buckeyes!

Chicago would have been better - a good deep dish pepperoni solves many problems.
Teppanyaki is banned for being
in regard to refering to his 2 cats and baseball even though the season is over.

View attachment 387811 “[Cat]…baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the [owners] off the streets”. Yogi Berra
Doc is banned because when I was in Vancouver one January a few years ago I got cold when i swam I the river.

Damn confusing season!
Joe is banned for knowing how a giraffe feels.
Intrigued BANNED for overheating the quote machine! Ban the machine! :scared:
Doc4 is banned for being one of the most satisfying of the moles to whack!

Teppanyaki is unbanned for bringing up The Knack, which is a band and a DE razor.
Teppanyaki is banned for banning Senshi. Senshi stood up for my rights as a banner
commanderkeen is banned for banning me twice in one day. And for making me search for comfort at the bottom of a bottle.
I ban doc for not realizing that this thread does not go toward post count and then I use my ban-stick on Teppanyaki for his lack of creativity.
Comanderkeen is banned for banning royalty
I ban Ed for beating me to the punch asking for a bagel :p
I ban Doc4 for the gratuitous claymation video
Intrigued is banned for overusing little purple things that scare me when they look at me.
Random mass-necro-banning.

Now, go bid on something in the St Sue Auction.