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INFO! B&B's new BST guidelines

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BST guidelines:
By using the BST you're agreeing to our "Caveat Emptor" (Let the buyer beware) policy. This means the administrators, moderators and B&B are not responsible for any possible negative outcomes that may result from sale/trade agreements made in the BST forum.

  • Participation in the community at Badger & Blade is a requirement to use the Buy Sell Trade Forum
  • To create a thread (once every 15 days) you must be a member for 45 days with 50 quality posts
  • You may post a response to For Sale/Trade threads at any time after you reach 45 days and 50 posts, however best practice is to send a private conversation to arrange a sale or trade. There is no need to post interest in the thread.
  • Members who do not meet the 45 days/50 post requirement can reply to ads by starting a private conversation through the members profile
  • Sales and Trades are limited to in hand goods. Personally taken photos are required
  • Prices are mandatory and can not be deleted after the sale. No make me an offer type posts
  • For buyer protection Badger & Blade recommends using PayPal Goods and Services for payment
  • On topic discussion is encouraged. Seller response to value comments is discouraged. Repeating the same comments voiced by others is discouraged.
  • The BST is not to be used as a storefront as determined at moderator discretion
The Moderators of Badger & Blade reserve the right to alter and apply these guidelines on a case by case basis at anytime.
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You Both Can Get Off My Lawn!
Please note that best practice is to send a PM to the seller to make arrangements. There is no need to post "PM sent" as it is not binding and simply clutters the forum. You help with this is appreciated.
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Do you want to use the BST to trade, sell or buy things while you're here at B&B? Good! Everyone who answered yes to that question should go to this thread, right now and read it: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/484012-B-amp-B-s-new-BST-guidelines

Go ahead, I'll wait. :biggrin:

As you can see, we've made it as simple as possible, and since we adopted these rules 5 months ago, the BST has run really smoothly, for which the Mod Team is very grateful.

There is one item we need to discuss. Pricing.

Sellers: You can set any price you want, but if you price high, do not be surprised when other members point that out.

Buyers: You may comment on prices as long as it's done in a gentlemanly, non-accusatory, non-sarcastic fashion.

Sellers: If someone comments on your price, accept it. That is a cost of using the BST. Be confident in your pricing and adapt it if you want or need to. We're not interested in back and forth or arguments.

Buyers: If someone has commented on the price, consider the point made. No piling on.

Individuals who we find to not be abiding by this simple rule will likely find themselves unable to access the BST.


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There has been a few recent reports about sales to members who have not made any posts and suspicion of a possible scam. We would encourage members to engage in conversation before shipping if you wish to sell to a member with no post history.
Caveat Venditor (Let the seller beware) applies as well as Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer beware). This means the administrators, moderators and B&B are not responsible for any possible negative outcomes that may result from sale/trade.


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We have had a few members trying to skirt the rules by continuously adding to their for sale thread. We realize sometimes it takes a few hours to get everything loaded up and the post created. But after two or three hours and you are still adding stuff you may find your sale thread removed and you will have to wait another 15 days to post it again.

Thanks everyone.
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