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  1. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    BST guidelines:
    By using the BST you're agreeing to our "Caveat Emptor" (Let the buyer beware) policy. This means the administrators, moderators and B&B are not responsible for any possible negative outcomes that may result from sale/trade agreements made in the BST forum.

    Resolution of issues arising from the failure of one party to meet an agreement with another are limited to the member filing a Paypal dispute or notification to their credit card company as appropriate.

    Participation in the community at Badger and Blade is a requirement to post an item for sale or trade. Sellers/traders must be members of B&B for at least 45 days and have contributed a minimum of 50 quality posts on this site in order to post in the forum.

    Everyone is welcome to purchase items regardless of the number of posts you have, but this is at the sole discretion of the seller.

    Members will be allowed a new thread once every two weeks.

    The BST is a "one strike and you're out" forum and is intended as a PRIVILEGE for good standing members to use, NOT A RIGHT!. Members violating guidelines or the spirit of guidelines are subject to losing their access to the BST forum and /or their membership. Everyone MUST follow all the rules to keep that privilege.

    1.) The BST is not a storefront. At Moderator sole discretion, members using it as a storefront may lose their access to the BST forum and/or their membership. Members whose use of the BST rises to this level of sales must use the Panjo Marketplace instead.

    2.) ON TOPIC discussion is highly encouraged in the B/S/T. Comments pro and con regarding value to the buyer are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Seller response to value comments is discouraged, as any pricing justification should have been made in the original post listing items for sale. Members are reminded that repeating the same comments voiced by others are redundant and do not contribute to the conversation.

    3.) Sales and trades are limited to in hand goods. To assist in avoiding sales & trades of items not in hand, sellers & traders will post original photos with their username in the photo. Product condition, amount of product left, and shipping and details should be included in every thread. This also means that Mystery Boxes are not allowed.

    4.) Prices are mandatory and "make me an offer" or auction-type sale/trade threads are not permitted in this forum. For the sake of posterity, prices in original posts are not to be deleted after the item has sold.

    5.) Payments via Paypal are to be made under the "Goods and Services" option. Sellers are forbidden to request or require "Personal Payments" for items in the B/S/T.

    6.) Sales and trades are limited to items regularly discussed on the B&B fora and in original, non-modified condition only. Items that are modified or created by our members do not belong in the BST and must be sold in the Panjo Marketplace. Threads violating this policy will be deleted without notice. Tobacco, alcohol, firearms, and products of questionable legality may not be sold nor traded anywhere on B&B, except as permitted in the Brown Leaf Forum.
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  2. Jim

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    Please note that best practice is to send a PM to the seller to make arrangements. There is no need to post "PM sent" as it is not binding and simply clutters the forum. You help with this is appreciated.
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