Christmas Contest!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! Two winners will be selected and each one will be awarded $50.00 to spend in our store! To enter simply tell us about how someone was surprised for Christmas. It can be how you surprised someone or how someone surprised you. Or it can be about relatives or other people. This is CONUS only please. Winners will be drawn by Will let it run just a few days so that the two winners will be able to receive their free selections in time for Christmas. ~...

Deer rifle for a novice hunter

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What up y’all! I’m in the market for a deer rifle. I’ve never gone deer hunting. Well....any type of real hunting for that matter. I’ll likely go deer hunting once per season. Maybe twice. So I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I think my budget is $700 or less. Any in that price range worth it? Probably need a scope too? Will be hunting Middle TN landscape. November - January Thanks!

Cornish Game Hens

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Had some hickory left over so I decided to do a couple of hens. Nothing like smoking birds and listening to Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck jammin'. Must be what they refer to as the good life.

Charity Auction Thank you from the National Breast Cancer Foundation

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A heartfelt thank you to everyone here that made this year and every year successful!

News, Sales, and Announcements

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Let's kick this off with a big one. Due to a spill of Midnight Stag aftershave on my Razor shelf, I have a lot of razors that have damaged packaging. I am working on clearancing them all out at 40% off. I am listing them as quickly as I can at Sales / Clearance - These are mostly fatip, parker, and razorock. I probably have about 500 razors in total that are affected! The razors are new and unused, but may have damaged, scented, or...

Alden v. Mephisto

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I am looking to purchase an everyday, casual, knock-about shoe. I keep coming back to these two. The All-Weather Walker by Alden and the Marlon by Mephisto. If any of you badgers has had experience with either shoe, I’d appreciate your comments. I own shoes by both companies so I am familiar with their sizing. The Marlon is about $150 less than the Alden but the Alden seems a bit more substantial. I like the pebble-grain finish on both. The Marlon by Mephisto. The All-Weather Walker...