Charity Auction Our 11th Annual Sue Moore Auction starts Oct.19th!

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We are Happy to announce that the 11th Annual 'Saint' Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser begins October 19th and runs for 3 days. If you are not familiar with the 'Saint' Sue Moore Auction, it is a fundraiser we do every year to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We do this in honor of our dear friend Sue Moore, Sue was a founding member and the proprietor of Saint Charles Shave. She passed away due to breast cancer. This auction is our way to honor her memory and help fight this...

Making razor scales with no shop, no bench, no experience and no skills.

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I bought this Bengal near wedge about 2 years ago give or take. It’s a nice blade, small and heavy but I’ve never been in love with the wooden scales that came with it and I could never get them to really tighten. So I decided it would be a good razor to try my first re scaling project. I had no tools except a ball pein hammer and a cheap junior hacksaw. I like tortoiseshell so I bought a sheet of 2mm thick Acrylic in that colour and the rest of the stuff I’d need. This was a kitchen table...

Anniversary Contest - TEN years!

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We celebrate our tenth year of being in business this year and want to commemorate it with a very special contest. There will be a lot of winners chosen like.... oh, how about ten. TEN? Yes, TEN WINNERS. Ten winners will be selected by, one for each of the years we have been in business. Here is why. We want to give back to the forum that played such an important role for my company before it even existed. I had worked every night for 4 1/2 months on a bay rum formula...

Feeling the best a man could feel in one day from a good deed.

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Hello all, Recently I was staying in my vehicle on a road trip from back home. My father has recently passed away and I drove out to be there for his wife and for the arrangements. While "truck camping" in Needles, CA I was shaving one evening and was approached by a homeless gentleman wearing a 1st Cavalry hat. At first he asked if I could help him with any change for food. I handed him a $20 bill and told him that I was going to be cooking soon and he was more than welcome to join me for...


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Brought back by popular demand THE NEW MEMBER PIF! This PIF is brought to you buy the following B&B VENDORS. CAPTAINS CHOICE SHAVING PRODUCTS. COLONEL CONK. RUDY VEY SHAVING. TONY MILLER STROPS. TRUEFITT AND HILL. ELITE RAZOR. This PIF is open to all members who have joined in February and March. You must have made 10 quality posts to be eligible to win. I will select 3 winners in early April by random # generator. This Pif will close March 31st. Please reach out and support the B&B...

Contest - $50.00 gift card to the winner!

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Tell us about that first job you had where you got a real paycheck. What did you do? How old were you? What did you learn? What surprised you about the job? Feel free to share whatever you like. What was your boss like? How much did you make per hour? We will let this run a bit and then will select the winner. This is CONUS only please.

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    After refining the edge to my shave-ready standard, this SR has been in my rotation for about 4 months so I have shaved with it about a dozen...
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