Nominees for best NEW release, soap/cream, of 2021?

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Don’t know if this is a thing here already (and if it is feel free to ignore), but, with the end of the year in sight, just wanted to start a thread on what we believe to be the best NEW release, in either soap or cream, of 2021. I’ll start it off - for me, hands down, no question, it has to be Spearhead Shaving Company’s “Seaforth! Sea Spice Lime.” 🏆👏🏼 I purchased a whole tub, full price, scent unsmelled (?), based on the rave recommendation of a You Tube influencer I respect, and I did...
Battle of the Finishers
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I recently bought a few new finishing hones (and have two more on the way), so I thought I would be fun to somewhat systematically try my different finishers on different types of steel - starting with five different finishers (Nakayama Asagi, hard translucent Ark, Vermont green slate, Naniwa 12k, and Ozuku) across three types of steel (19th century Sheffield crucible steel, post WWII Solingen, and C135). Please feel free to join me with your own tests - the more the merrier. Should be a lot...
captp Member Interview
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B&B Interviews - Meet member captp captp has been a member of Badger and Blade since Jun 4, 2008 01. How did you find Badger and Blade and why did you become a member? I was looking to reduce the plastic waste of disposable razors and was looking for straights. I discovered that they were still making double edge razors, like dad used all his life. I met the owner of Vintage Blades in about 2007 and he told me about B&B. Lurked for a few weeks and joined for the solid info on shaving...
GIVEAWAY! Christmas contest!!!
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We are going to run this a bit earlier so the winners - wait, winners? - yes winners plural will have time to get their gift from The Captain. There will be three winners chosen by after just a few days. This is CONUS only please. Each winner will have a $50.00 credit to buy anything he likes in our store. We have things for you and items that you can get for gifts for others. Win/win! We have just released our new scuttle and Mariner's Mug which have both been a hit with...

🐗 🐖 🐷 🐽 DecemBOAR 2021 - Only boar brushes… for all of December! 🐗 🐖 🐷 🐽

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Get ready for B&B’s Second Annual DecemBOAR!!! Please join me for a month long tribute to the often neglected piggy brush. Put away those Badgers and Synths and go hog wild with me. 🐽 It should be a great month and definitely won’t be boar-ing. 🐗 If you don’t have a boar… go buy one! Can’t afford one? hogwash! They aren’t that expensive so you won’t have to go into hock (I even amuse myself sometimes!) to get one. 🤪 I mainly use badgers but I have a few excellent boar brushes that really...

Hand lotion

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This time of year, with colder weather and heating, my hands get dry and slightly sore. What's best for hands. I was wondering if trumpers skin food would be good? Any ideas?

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    A very good vintage
    The missing (TBA) bits from the overview: Blade thickness = 0.17mm at top of bevel Spine thickness = 5.12mm Bevel angle = 16.2° Scale width at...
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