Aleppo Soap: The Experiment
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I received two bars of Aleppo soap yesterday. Made in Syria, travelled from there to Lebanon, Sheffield (UK) and Bulawayo (Zimbabwe). I bought the soap from Neil at (yes .uk not in my search for the best natural, body soap I could get. I do have a specific Aleppo shaving soap from Tadé on its way too... For those who are not in the knowing, Aleppo soap contains only 4 ingredients, namely olive oil, laurel oil, lye and water and is made using a hot process before a 9...

Comparison of 12 Taylor of Old Bond Street creams

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Using up a good amount of sample packs from Taylor of Old Bond Street I thought it might be useful to share the experience on them as they cover a wide range of TOBS scents. Also I tried to minimize the YMMV factor, meaning that besides the short comment on each of them I tried to provide an objective score in terms of: slickness, and I mean here residual slickness, the slickness that remains there (or not) even after you shaved a part, but wish to return for some immediate correction...
GIVEAWAY! Brrrrrrr - It's COLD out there CONTEST
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As I type this it is 11 degrees outside with winds of 28 mph. No better time for a contest about the cold and no better time for you to have three chances to win something to keep things warm... Here is how you enter: Tell us about a time you were cold - what was it like? The three winners will be selected by after this runs a few days. Each one of the winners will get to choose one of our popular shaving scuttles to keep their lather warm. This is CONUS only please. Here...
Japanese Whisky
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I have only had one Japanese whisky and I liked it. My mom was visiting for Christmas. Shes appreciates a scotch from time to time. She liked it also. it is Suntory Toki. I’m looking at Akashi White Oak and Nikki coffee grain to try next. Any advice or opinions on Japanese whisky? I’m not looking for $100+ bottles $60 more or less range.

What's on your work bench right now?

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I've got several Irons in the fire so to speak.... It got me wondering if hat everyone else is working on. So, what are you sanding, rescaling, polishing, or modifying??
GIVEAWAY! 2022 Three Pipe PIF
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I have three pipes I'd like to offer up as a PIF. I'll randomly select three winners, with 1st winner getting his choice of the three. Second winner will get his choice of the remaining two, and the third winner will get the third pipe. Just say I'm in, and I will draw winners on the 4th of January. A pre-1965 Kiko #35 Elephant logo Meerschaum lined pipe with a spigot fishtail stem. I know it's pre-1965 because it says "Made in Tanganyika" and Tanganyika combined with Zanzibar in 1964 to...

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