Black Friday 2021 deals?

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May be premature, but anyone aware/looking forward to any "Black Friday" deals coming up in the next few weeks? Thanks! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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To our entire worldwide Family - Happy Thanksgiving. Whether you officially celebrate this Holiday or not, we all have much to be thankful for.
Wolfman Wednesday
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This is Wednesday and for Me that means that it is Wolfman Wednesday 👍 Feel free to post your 🐺 Wednesday is the day I set for My Wolf shave after all it's a day after Titanium Timeless Tuesday and a day before Timeless Thursday 😉

The Graveyard!

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A simple enough idea ... when you use up a product, simply put a post in here about it. It seems that actually finishing something around here is a pretty rare occurance, and it might be worth a few comments about what you thought about the product, your plans to get more (or not, or you have a half-dozen already lined up). No samples, no DE blades! So far, I've finished ... a puck of SCS 'fairway' shave soap (I have more pucks of SCS soap lying about, and will likely get more...
Time To Do A SE Razor Shaving Comparison
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The improvement I noted using the Kai AC blades (versus the Feather blades previously used) in the RazoRock Hawk V2 has prompted me to do a current comparison between my various favored SE razors, type notwithstanding. Oops.....noticed that the GEM Junior did not get in the picture. :) I am sure that I will be adding more wonderful SE razors as we go. :) we go. :) Started with the RazoRock Hawk V2: Shave 20200409 Prep: Splashed water on face Pre-shave: n/a Brush: Rudy Vey...

Lets see your favorite chef's knife.

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Recently started looking a chef"s knives and discovered they are like straight razors.....many different up yours and help me see the diversaty out there.

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