C.O. Bigelow vs Proraso Green

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I tried the Proraso Green and the C.O. Bigelow (COB) shaving creams a first time two years ago when I gave DE shaving a go. I loved the scent but didn’t continue using either due to the menthol (which I fortunately no longer mind, to some extent). Along the way, I found out that Proraso made COB’s cream. It is often said COB is repackaged Proraso Green. Having re-discovered and liking Proraso, I bought a tube of the COB to see how they compare. Packaging — Proraso needs no introduction. To...
Various restorations
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Have some time during the Easter holidays, so a few razors, cases and sets got an overhaul ranging from spring replacement to soldering. Almost Norfolk
Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2022
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I’ll start this off. First beer of the year for me.
The Big Tobacco Pipe Information Thread
Your Tea Pot selections
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Hi fellas, my wife is a collector of tea pots, not obsessive, but she has a moderate selection. From Japanese ceramic and iron pots, to red clay Chinese pots, to the more decorative than functional pots. Thought I'd share a few in hopes that you guys could share some pics of your everyday or collector pieces. Love to see them!
Favorite Books from your childhood.

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  • Acqua Di Parma Colonia
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    Really love all things Colonia. The scent is incredible, the pricing not so bad, and if it had the staying power it would be the best summer scent...
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