GIVEAWAY! Christmas contest!!!
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We are going to run this a bit earlier so the winners - wait, winners? - yes winners plural will have time to get their gift from The Captain. There will be three winners chosen by after just a few days. This is CONUS only please. Each winner will have a $50.00 credit to buy anything he likes in our store. We have things for you and items that you can get for gifts for others. Win/win! We have just released our new scuttle and Mariner's Mug which have both been a hit with...

🐗 🐖 🐷 🐽 DecemBOAR 2021 - Only boar brushes… for all of December! 🐗 🐖 🐷 🐽

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Get ready for B&B’s Second Annual DecemBOAR!!! Please join me for a month long tribute to the often neglected piggy brush. Put away those Badgers and Synths and go hog wild with me. 🐽 It should be a great month and definitely won’t be boar-ing. 🐗 If you don’t have a boar… go buy one! Can’t afford one? hogwash! They aren’t that expensive so you won’t have to go into hock (I even amuse myself sometimes!) to get one. 🤪 I mainly use badgers but I have a few excellent boar brushes that really...

Hand lotion

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This time of year, with colder weather and heating, my hands get dry and slightly sore. What's best for hands. I was wondering if trumpers skin food would be good? Any ideas?

Black Friday 2021 deals?

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May be premature, but anyone aware/looking forward to any "Black Friday" deals coming up in the next few weeks? Thanks! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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To our entire worldwide Family - Happy Thanksgiving. Whether you officially celebrate this Holiday or not, we all have much to be thankful for.
Wolfman Wednesday
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This is Wednesday and for Me that means that it is Wolfman Wednesday 👍 Feel free to post your 🐺 Wednesday is the day I set for My Wolf shave after all it's a day after Titanium Timeless Tuesday and a day before Timeless Thursday 😉

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  • George Butler "Shakespeare" No. 3 Straight Razor
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    A very good vintage
    The missing (TBA) bits from the overview: Blade thickness = 0.17mm at top of bevel Spine thickness = 5.12mm Bevel angle = 16.2° Scale width at...
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