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March 2024 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Shave #29
- Still In -

  • Declaration Grooming's Sunrise on La Salle* - SOTM, FFFMM, GRUYERE
  • Semogue's Spanish Shaver's Limited Mistura #15/50*
  • RR GC.84P*
  • Lord Super Chrome - #5*
  • Speick Splash
And that’s a wrap for March
Hoppy Easter All !!


* - Denotes FFFMM elements
3-28 Thursday 9am 3-31 Sunday2pm
Shave 47&48/366.
FFFMM: 14&15
2 pass DFS

Razor: Overlander alu
Blade: Perma-sharp (1&2)
Soap: Sheep
Brush: APshave/Semogue Mistura
Post: Mudder Focker


Lazy week. Only 2 shaves, but my Fixed Four cleaned up with only 2 passes both shaves!


366 daily shaves

Gillette UK Aristocrat OCShark Chrome (7)Omega 10108
Cold splash
KCG Face Wash
Mike’s Natural Soaps Barbershop (72+73)
Cold splash
Proraso Green

PassesWTG XTG ATG and touch up
Process Quality
(details here)
Blade Sharpness
9/10 (Minor redness)5/10 (Sharp)
EffectivenessShave Comfort
9/10 (Butterysmooth)


Summary. A superb Easter Sunday shave! The pairing of this blade and this razor is phenomenal and makes the OC turn up a notch in performance. Happy Easter everyone!

For extended shave notes click here.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday! And congrats to all who made it!!

#14 in 2024 GRUYERE shave sebaticle



Date: 03.31.24

Days growth: 7

Head and face shave

Razor: Gillette Slim

Blade: Gillette Silver Blue

Brush: Simpson 57 in best badger

Pre-shave: Hot shower using Johnson and Johnson on face and head with facial scrubber

Lather: Proraso Red soap

Passes: 2 WTG on setting 7 and ATG on setting 5

Post Shave Routine and products:

1 - Hot rinse with microfiber towel X2

2 - Cold rinse

3 - Alum block

4 - Cold rinse with microfiber towel X1

5 - Aftershave: Leu d Temp? by Issai Miake

6 - Balm: LEA 3in1

Notes: This was a great CCS for Easter. The last of fixed four for March madness. I learned some lessons about technique and consistency instead of switching things up all the time. I’m going to have to ponder that for a while but I’m going back to switching things up again for now.

Quality: 9

Comfort: 10


Overall: 9.6
Day 31, 100% complete ✓

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Soap: Palmolive Stick, made into a puck
Brush: Yaqi 24mm synthetic cashmere
Razor: Rockwell 6S R5, Ti Handle, Boots #3
Bowl: Turkish copper
Post-shave: Nivea Balm

Sunday is Palmolive day, and I got the usual fine bowl-lather out of it. I'm glad I had "backup disorder" several years ago, and still have nine sticks left! A comfortable near-BBS.

Another month completed successfully. :thumbup:

I hope to see some of you over on the April GRUME.
March GRUMEing is in the books.
Congrats to ALL participants and a special shout-out to our GRUME-Master Brandon, @FoolishMortal.
Onward to April.
In to the end! After sharpening the Feather I got two excellent shaves, 9.9 yesterday and a 9.85 today!

John (@tjsgarden) how has the bowl lathering been going? Tempted to stick with it?
It was enjoyable and interesting using a bowl. In my experience, I had to squeeze the lather out of the core of the brush back into the bowl and then use mostly paint brush strokes. Once upon a time I was a confirmed bowl user but for most of the past year I switched to lathering on my face.
For this week I am back to face lathering and currently that is my preferred method.
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