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Ban the user above you!

FarmerTan is banned for rubbing Avvatar's illiteracy in his face. How rude. Especially considering that his avatar name has, not one, but TWO V's.
"foolish-enough-to-listen" is Banned - 1.jpg because being literate is not a 'game-changer' in this sub-forum (btw, when I'm told to turn on a computer...I ask where I'm supposed to rub it).

imagesCABWPA28.jpg "I put cool into school & lit into illiterate". Author Unknown
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George Bailey Fanboy
Avvatar is no longer illiterate. But he is banned because nobody wants to see a video of Cleanshaved imitating a chicken!


Munted Old Cog
The tolet brush holder is banned for not triple banning Mike for his accurate observation repeated and then some.

Damn Psycho Chickens.