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Win a Merkur HD Gold (34003) From Shavetools.com This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We're giving away a Merkur HD Gold (the Merkur 34003) to one lucky winner as part of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. To enter just go to Shavetools.com and look over our selection of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials then post one or two that look especially good to you (no purchase necessary, but be forewarned, you *will* be tempted by these deals...). On Tuesday, after the same, I'll determine the winner randomly.

The Merkur HD Gold

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IS THE iKon Shavecraft #102 Slant Bar Razor AGGRESSION OR MILD
New here and just in time it seems.

The iKon Standard Head Bulldog Handle Razor looks very nice. A blade bank also seems like a good idea.
The Merkur Futur Chrome Starter Kit looks very interesting. If "She Who Must be Obeyed" says yes I might just think very hard about ordering it.


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The poraso looks tempting, and I have been mulling over trying a synthetic brush. The omega's are a great deal.
That's a smokin' deal on Proraso white. And a Vie-Long horsehair brush has been on my wishlist for a long time. The 12705 looks like a great deal.


The Vie-Long 16510 would be in the cart along with Muelhe R41 and La Toja and Palmolive creamsplus about 3 each of the Erasmic and Palmolive shave sticks. Great sale!
I am in. Lots of wonderful deals there sir. Especially the Cyril Salter shaving scuttle. Hope you had a wonderful Turkey day.
I actually already bought one of the vie-long brushes! I would like to try the clubman deodorant spray... I really like clubman AS.
that Vie-Long brush with the olivewood handle would look great in one of the chrome razor stands. You have got some great deals.
I am really tempted by the Vie-Long 13070 Horse Hair Brush with the Olivewood Handle. Really a nice looking brush and I am looking to try a horse hair brush.
I am very tempted to purchase the Omega Synthetic Brush, amazing deal. I have been wanting to try a synthetic for a while now. I am also extremely tempted by the iKnow DLC Open Comb (Head Only, Open Box), I love open combs! We shall see how long I can actually hold out before hitting the purchase button on both items. :lol: