Win a Merkur HD Gold (34003) From This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Discussion in 'Shavetools' started by Sargon, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. The Cyril Salter Shaving Scuttle White looks great !
  2. Im in. The Vie-Long 16510 23mm Silvertip Badger Brush W/ Lucite handle and the ikon bulldog are something I've got my eye on.
  3. Those two Ikon items for sure. Also that vie long silver tip with Lucite handle. I would like to see some slants so I can jump on that bandwagon. Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. I'm in. Great giveaway! I'm mostly interested in the Vie-Long Professional horsehair with Custom Handle and the La Toja After Shave Balm.
  5. I'm in. I like the Vie-Long 16510, and the Semogue 2013 Special Edition.
  6. Nice giveaway! I'm checking out the Vie-Long 16510. I really want a Silvertip. Maybe if I leave the page open on the computer....
  7. Wow that is a great PIF. I have had my eye on modern gold finished razors for a while now.

    Some excellent deals as well. The ones that really caught my attention -
    Proraso white
    Gillette shaving cream
    Erasmic shaving bowl
    Clear lucite brush stand
  8. Looks tempting. R41 or r89 grande are nice looking.
  9. Some great deals there.
    It may be time for me to stock up on La Toja & Palmolive creams.
  10. That Vie-long silvertip and the Cyril R. Salter scuttle look as good as my wife's pumpkin pie!!
  11. The Cyril R Salter natural horn hair comb and Vie-Long Professional with custom handle look good.
  12. I love the Vie Long brushes... especially the STB;
    I have the professional and didn't realize the ferrule was so easy to bang (loudly) on my apothecary cup.
    I'm tempted by the 1/2 price offerings on Omega, Palmolive, and Proraso shave creams...
    I'm tempted by the sampler offerings.
    Nice sale!
  13. I'm in! The iKon standard head bulldog and Merkur Progress starter kit are very tempting!
  14. Im in, the proraso white looks tempting
  15. I like the Cyril Salter Scuttle and the Wilberg's Pine Essence looks interesting. Thanks for the chance!

  16. I'm on a real woody/forest scent kick at the moment so the Wilberg's Pine Essence looks mighty fine to me right now.
  17. Lots to choose from so it's a hard choice:

    Cyril Salter natural horn comb - I've been wanted a horn comb for some time.

    Cyril Salter nail brush

    and I might as we'll pick up some shave sticks, Palmolive and Erasmic

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