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Win a Merkur HD Gold (34003) From Shavetools.com This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Im in. The Vie-Long 16510 23mm Silvertip Badger Brush W/ Lucite handle and the ikon bulldog are something I've got my eye on.
Those two Ikon items for sure. Also that vie long silver tip with Lucite handle. I would like to see some slants so I can jump on that bandwagon. Thanks for the opportunity!
Nice giveaway! I'm checking out the Vie-Long 16510. I really want a Silvertip. Maybe if I leave the page open on the computer....
Wow that is a great PIF. I have had my eye on modern gold finished razors for a while now.

Some excellent deals as well. The ones that really caught my attention -
Proraso white
Gillette shaving cream
Erasmic shaving bowl
Clear lucite brush stand
I love the Vie Long brushes... especially the STB;
I have the professional and didn't realize the ferrule was so easy to bang (loudly) on my apothecary cup.
I'm tempted by the 1/2 price offerings on Omega, Palmolive, and Proraso shave creams...
I'm tempted by the sampler offerings.
Nice sale!
Lots to choose from so it's a hard choice:

Cyril Salter natural horn comb - I've been wanted a horn comb for some time.

Cyril Salter nail brush

and I might as we'll pick up some shave sticks, Palmolive and Erasmic