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I've been wet shaving for 35 years...started out with a black handled super speed and barbasol...switched to cartridges forever it seems...then one day I stumbled across this forum known as Badger & Blade and my life, at least as far as my shaves are concerned, changed forever. No wonder my shaves were never really that good...I had no idea there was a technique! So I started working on it and for the last couple of years I have thoroughly enjoyed getting up and shaving and my shave results, compared to most of my adult life, are outstanding. I'm trying very hard to refrain from too much addiction but I'm still looking for that perfect set-up...blade, razor, brush, soap combination.

So in short, I'm in...


Got tired of the price of cartridges and the ever increasing number of blades. Fell in love with DE's along with the scent of soaps, warmth of the soap on a cold winter day and the feel of my skin afterwards.

I'm in.
Like others have said, I got sick of overpriced cartridges. When I started shaving my head and started going through blades twice as fast, and having to deal with multi blade cartridges getting clogged up, I ended up here. The rest is history as they say.

I'm in.
Started shaving with Gillette DE's, then like most people did, switched to the newer razors as they came out. Started shaving with a straight in February and love shaving now. Would like have a DE to re-experiance my first shave and to have another old school shaving method.
I'm in.
Began wet shaving about 45 years ago after one of the canned goop makers found a way to make their lather warm. Then figured out the brush and cream approach was better in so many ways.

But got to DE only last fall after reading a news article. Very glad I did. I seem to have caught all the _ADs, though.
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I'm in. I've been considering some of those new razors just for the handles alone.

I'm a head shaver with VERY coarse hair. My reasons were:
-Cost (ability to shave daily with some money left in my wallet)
-Ability to shave daily with comfort
-Limit ingrowns and folliculitis outbreaks

Moving away from the carts has solved the first two issues, and some of the techniques I've learned in the past year are starting to help with the last issue.
I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity. I got into it when I accidentally came across a mention of DE shaving on another forum, and became interested as it seemed like a way to both save money and get a less irritating shave.
I'm in.

I was just reminiscing the days i spent with my grandfather and then recollected that he used a DE razor. Googled it and found B&B.
Always was complaining about how my Fusion sucked , especially at the moustshce area . My cousin who recently got into DE razors , bought me a Parker 90r as a bday gift . liking my shave and would love another razor to compare to and add to my tools.

I am in! Thanks you for the opprotunity.

I learned on my fathers Gillette A1 back in the day then came across this forum a few months back googling for something else. I can't even remember what anymore. I read a couple threads on how cheap it was compared to the multiblade cartridges and convinced myself I could save money. I didn't read deep enough into the threads oobviously. :lol: Now I am teaching myself how to refurb & restore razors and brushes for fun. I don't think I will ever make a profit from it because I get one thing sold and I am buying three more. :w00t:
Hell, even the wife is getting into the fun of it all. :thumbup1:
Im in! I started a few months ago after getting fed up with cart razors and spending an arm and a leg on them every month. I had previously tried straight razor shaving, but wasnt really good at keeping an edge. So a few months ago, I was at a CVS and saw the microtouch DE razor and it got me thinking. I started searching online, came across B&B and got myself a razor. I havent looked back.
1. I hated shaving, and have for 45 years. Uneven beard on the sides, heavy on the neck, ingrown hairs... yuk.
2. I had to replace an old worn Sensor cartridge razor. Looking over the shelf in CVS, everything seemed so wasteful and overpriced.
3. While researching on the internet to determine what new type of razor to purchase, I stumbled across Badger and Blade,

"Geezzz. These guys actually enjoy shaving? Crazy dudes actually think this feels good?
I did my homework... wound up with a Muhle R89 Rosegold, a GBS silvertip badger brush, TOBS Peppermint cream, a sampler pack of blades, Clubman Special Reserve AS, and went to work... but it wasn't work.
The clean tingle of the peppermint cream was my first kick. The feel of the razor, effortlessly slicing through the hair... it was amazing. I made my second pass and at that moment understood, I was pampering myself. I was, in a fashion my wife would not object, giving myself a physical pleasure. I rinsed and patted my face dry, (I never patted my face dry before), and my wife came into the bathroom and kissed me on the cheek.
"You're not bleeding".
"No, I'm not", I smiled.
"You smell good".
"Yes I do", I said.
I love wet shaving.
I'm in. Harry's cartridges were the gateway into traditional methods. I bought a brush on impulse at Whole Foods, and that then led me to purchase a DE razor. This was a little over a year ago. It's been fun.
I'm in! Thanks for the chance.

I'm always discovering something new about shaving, whether it's new razors to try, different kinds of soaps, or post shave skin care. I look forward to this every time I sign on to this forum!

-- Sammy
I'm in, I started wet shaving in an effort to find a better less irritating way to shave. I had taken to growing a beard, but after almost a year with no shave or trim, I knew that a beard was not for me. Anything was worth a try at that point to get a non irritating shave. It worked.
I'm in! I started out wet shaving, and switched to carts when they came out. I started wet shaving again when my son gave me a Gillette Slim on my 59th birthday.
I'm in. I spent a decade or so shaving with an electric because I couldn't handle the irritation from carts. I eventually got tired of the less than close electrics shaves and started looking for something better. I've always subscribed to the theory that if dragging a blade across your face causes irritation, then dragging 3 blades across your face causes 3x the irritation. DE shaving was a logical choice.

Oh yeah, and cost savings....:001_rolle:lol: