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Discussion in 'Shavetools' started by Sargon, Jun 28, 2015.

    I'm in, started wet shaving to save money and to get a better shave than an electric can give. Thank you for the chance to enter.
  1. I'm in.

    When I was in the US Army in 1966, I tried to shave with a safety razor by Gillette. No one gave me assistance with that razor, so I shaved with an electric shaver until I found this site, Badger and Blade.

    Now I shave with a safety razor most of the time. To me shaving with a safety razor is easy.
  2. So, who is the lucky gentleman?
  3. Sargon

    Sargon Vendor

    dangerousdon is the lucky winner. hopefully he can do a post in a week or two with how he enjoyed it.
  4. Wow! dangerousdon, DastardlyDan..... You were SO close. Anyway, congrats to the winner.
  5. dangerousdon

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    Thank you so much. I just emailed you my address. I would be more than happy to post a review. I really appreciate your generosity to me and to the Badger & Blade community. Thank you again!

  6. dangerousdon

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    Wow! Came home from work and found this little guy in my mailbox. Still in the box I have to say the packaging is above average with a nice red box. For added bonus, Shavetools also sent a tuck of Ladas Super Stainless blades. I haven't had the privileged to use those blades yet so I am happy to give them a try. I have very large hands so I always have an issue with just about anything whether or not it is big enough. While the handle isn't the longest in my razor razor wardrobe, it is definitely the thickest. The Shavetool STSS 6 has considerable heft to it and feels like a solid razor that will last. I plan to shave with it tonight so I will do a full review in it's own thread either later tonight or tomorrow. I will make sure I link it to this thread also. Thanks again for this great prize. Until my review, enjoy the pics...

    $Shavetool STSS 6 a.jpg $Shavetools STSS 6 b.jpg
  7. dangerousdon

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