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Win a free Shavetools STSS Razor from Shavetools.com.


It has been a while time since the last Shavetools.com contest, so we're holding another!

To enter just make a short reply post telling every one what first made you decide to try traditional wet shaving, or if you're the strong silent type, you can just reply with "I'm in." Also, if you haven't been to Shavetools.com recently, we'd love it if you'd drop by, look around and maybe write a product review or two. The contest ends on July 14th with the winner determined randomly.

First prize will be a Shavetools STSS Razor

I'll get the ball rolling with an example:

I have a thick, heavy, dark beard, and light skin. The combination always meant that I had a 5'oclock shadow by noon, as they say. For added fun, my whiskers are thick enough that they dull blades quickly and that only a very sharp blade will cut without a lot of tugging.

I had tried various options with generally poor results, and saw an advertisement for something called "The rolling razor." I considered buying it to try out, and read some reviews, which made ti quite clear that the rolling razor was unlikely to be what I needed. One review suggested traditional wet shaving as an alternative, and the rest as they say is history.
I'm in!!

In my late '20s I did an astonishing (to me at least) amount of thrashing around looking for a comfortable shave. I settled on a routine using twin blade disposable and a kind of elaborate prep in the shower.

In the late '90s the Mach 3 was brand new and I gravitate to that platform to avoid plastic trash and because it worked pretty well for me.

But a few years ago I just dropped the load when I was in a store holding a $30 package of Mach 3 refill carts. Hanging on a peg right next to them was a DE dispenser of 10 blades for about $2.

I bought the DE blades, and went home and promptly discovered a place to buy a Weishi razor, a brand unheard of by me at the time. But the pictures looked familiar. And I've been off to the races ever since.
I'm in!!!!!

Originally I wanted to save money. Then it became a quest for the perfect shave combo.
You know how this story ends...
I'm in, thanks for the contest.

I expressed an interest in wet shaving and my girlfriend marched me into an Art of Shaving store to select a Christmas present. She decided to buy me the large kit, and after smelling all the scents, chose sandalwood. She left the brush choice up to me and I went with the least expensive pure badger. After many other ADs set in I still use those products in rotation.
I'm in!

Back in the 80's when I started shaving for life and using 2 blade Bics and a can of Barbasol, my grandfather pulled me aside one day at his house and handed me an old Tech, his shaving brush and a puck of soap. Stuck with wet shave for a couple years and packed it away in college. Fast forward 22 years and my father-in-law hands me his Fatboy and says he'd think I like it! So, unpacking after a new home purchase stumbled across my grandfather's original PIF to me alll boxed up and 2 years later... super RAD and everyday wetshave.
I'm in! What got me into wet shaving was the lower cost initially. Since that idea went out the window, the far superior shaves, the scents, the process, and the community has kept me going with it.


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I'm in! This is a great prize!

I have always hated shaving but I had a bit of liking to the pampering side of things. This past Christmas my wife bought me a shaving brush and a tub to TOBS. I started to research Wet Shaving and the nostalgia of it all really appealed to me. I found out you can get a really good shave and have a bit of fun at it too. Thanks again!
I used cartridge razors since I was 13 and NEVER had a good shave with them. I have always loved the idea of a BBS shave but never experienced it until I started DE shaving. I never looked back since.
I'm in

started first with a starter kit from AOS. Enjoyed how it felt, then realized that cartridge razors were the problem. Bought a DE safety razor and have never looked back
I'm in. I had wet shaved with carts for close to thirty years; for many of those years I was forcing miserable shaves out of dull carts because they were just so expensive, and money was tight. By the time things weren't so tight anymore, I had looked into buying a DE, and had gotten an idea of how badly I was gouged for all those years, and bought my first DE almost out of spite. I haven't shaved with a dull razor in five years, and I really enjoy my shave time.

Thanks for the great opportunity.
i'm in.

Came back to wetshaving because of a reaction to foam in a can. I discovered a whole new side of shaving that I never knew.
im in, was in the army and needed a better cheaper way to shave so with some googling i found some alternatives and landed on b&b
I'm in!

Having reached 50 I have a grey beard made of wire. I dulled expensive cartridges and looked like I could pan handle at freeway off ramps by Noon. I actually kept a short beard because I hated shaving so much.

I found Badger and Blade and learned I could that I actually could enjoy a pleasant shave. I am immensely grateful for what I have learned here since then.

I now have comfortable shaves, look and smell like a true gentleman.
I'm in,

For me it was dissatisfaction with the price and quality of multi blade razors. I could never shave more than three days per week due to razor bumps etc. then I found DE shaving and have shaved everyday since.
I am in. I got into fountain pens back in 2005 and stumbled across a thread somewhere. I was looking at getting an electric razor again and decided to get a de and proraso brush and cream at target.
I'm In.

I am currently deployed to southwest Asia and times are tough here. A couple of my guys were wet shaving and I decided to try it out and I fell in love. This new hobby is a great distraction to what it is going on around me. For about 15-20 mins a day (when I get the time) its all about me and I can focus on some "me time" Plus me and guys talk about our shave and what we used and then the techniques we have tried. we swap/barrow eachothers shave products everyday. like I said a great distraction to what is goin on around here.
I'm in.

I had a full, chronically unkempt beard throughout my adulthood. About five years ago, my life had emerged from a long period of turbulence and, I'll admit it, depression. I realized that an integral part of getting things on track was would involve a lot of self-work. It dawned on me that the beard had been a hiding mechanism. Long story short, as I was mustering the resolve to shave it off I heard stories about the re-emergence of traditional wet shaving. I knew that undertaking such a daily ritual would have me in front of the mirror looking at myself -- facing myself. My daily shaves continue to be times of solitude and reflection.


I'm in. When I was a little boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old, my grandfather would let me shave with him with an old tto razor (super speed probably) with no blade installed. As a late teen, I started off with carts and disposables, because that's what my dad used. In my 20's I switched to an electric and stayed with that for over 20 years. Last year I got tired of the weak shaves and ingrown hairs. Got tired of the pulling and tugging, especially if I was shaving around my beard. So I made the decision to change it up. Went back to a cart for about three days and thought that there's got to be something better. Found B&B, bought a 34c, and never looked back.