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Win a Merkur HD Gold (34003) From Shavetools.com This Black Friday and Cyber Monday


We're giving away a Merkur HD Gold (the Merkur 34003) to one lucky winner as part of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. To enter just go to Shavetools.com and look over our selection of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials then post one or two that look especially good to you (no purchase necessary, but be forewarned, you *will* be tempted by these deals...). On Tuesday, after the same, I'll determine the winner randomly.

The Merkur HD Gold

Another nice promo.
I'm interested in the Vie-Long 13120 (Pony) brush. On the small side, but I want to know what the 50%mane/50%tail hair is all about, and I even like small brushes.
Also just some basics-- the metal blade bank (makes recycling blades easier and safer), the brush stand... these things are really inexpensive, and most of all with this sale, and it seems can always be used by anybody.
The Ikon Standard Head Bulldog Handle Razor and the Vie-Long 16510 23mm Silvertip Badger Brush with Lucite handle both are very appealing.
I would definitely love to try any of the Vie-Long horse hair brushes. I have not had a chance to see what one of those would feel like against my face. Another option I would consider is the Ikon with the bulldog handle. I wouldn't mind trying a razor with a little more heft than my Edwin Jagger DE89. I would also have to consider the sampler pack of razor blades if I won that Merkur HD, so I could find the optimum blade combo.
I was always interested in the r41. I hope to win this because I'm giving my dad my Merkur 34c HD for Christmas and I will really miss it.
What an awesome Black Friday sale! I'm really temptedby the
Vie-Long 16510 23mm Silvertip Badger Brush W/ Lucite handle, because I'm looking for a good shaving brush. I'm also interested in the Colonel Conk Apothecary Mug, as I need a better shaving mug.
I'll definitely be taking a closer look at shavetools.com!
Awesome giveaway! I like the Clubman Deo Spray, 4oz, Basic Alum Block, Cyril R. Salter Natural Horn Hair Comb, Cyril R. Salter Pearwood Nail Brush..."Uhhh Honey". :thumbsup:[FONT=&amp]

"Happiness doesn't come from what we [possess]...but from what we [give way]". Benjamin S. Carson, Sr[/FONT]
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Ugh, I almost bought the following three right then and there! If I get enough work done tomorrow I might get the stand and a metal bowl!

Proraso White Tea Tree and Oats (For Sensitive Skin) 150g

Vie-Long 04312 Professional Horse hair Shaving Brush

Chrome Plated Razor and Brush Stand
I think it's about time I try horse hair - and you're offering so many to choose from. Very partial to:

Vie-Long Professional Horse hair and the Vie-Long with Olivewood handle!
So many great choices but the Vie-Long Professional Horsehair with Custom Handle & Cyril Salter Shaving Scuttle White look interesting.
Proraso White 50% off? In fact there's a lot of soaps/creams with some deep price cuts (not sure it's good to say "deep cuts" on a shave site).
The Palmolive creams are a fantastic deal! Especially the red, you don't see it very often and it's a great cream...
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