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So, I'm not a hairy beast, but hairy all the same. The wife doesn't mind my chest hair, but the hair on the back is not the sexiest ever. I try to keep it trimmed by dislocating my arms (just a joke) and using a hair trimmer, but too much trouble. Where does a male go to see about waxing the back and shoulders to a normal, tamed level?

By the way, I'm stationed in the country in the UK. Kinda near Newmarket and Cambridge.
Can't help you in the UK mate, but here in the States many nail salons will do waxing--usually bikini stuff for ladies but I have had my back and shoulders done there too. Expensive at about 60 bucks for back and arms but it lasts a good 6 to 8 weeks. Each time the hair comes back a little finer than before and the tears are less too. LOL good luck to you.
I've thought about getting it done, too. My recent ex g/f said it hurts like Satan himself was performing the procedure, and she didn't mind the fuzz, so I held off on doing it. Now that I'm single again, I'm reconsidering the option, since some women definitely don't like back hair. If the UK has day spas and salons similar to the ones in the U.S., there should be no shortage of places to get it done.
My girlfriend normaly does all of her own waxing, after much deliberation I decided to let her have a shot at my back.

I got 2 strips done before I had to tap out. It hurt way more than my tattoos.

I might go to a pro one day to see if it's any better and have more of a sense of shame and monitary loss to keep me from backing out.
If your wife doesn't care for the hair on your back, perhaps she could become a part of the solution and shave it for you. That way you wouldn't have to dislocate your arm doing it. Personally I don't think it's to much to ask her to do, after all she is your wife.
I dunno if I would ask my wife to shave my back, there is no doubt that I love her and maybe that is why I think it best to save her that experience. I have an appt to have my dorsal mane waxed tomorrow, we'll see what the pain is like.
I think it best to save her that experience.

The suggestion to which you responded came from a woman, which shows there's hope yet. Of course, everybody's different. At any rate, please report back on your waxing experience. I'll be interested to hear how it goes for you.
I'm too chicken for waxing, but periodically i get my wife to smear Veet on my back and shoulders, she's more than happy to. BBS on my back is a funny feeling when i put a shirt on
Although I'm pretty hairy everywhere else, especially my chest/abs...thankfully I have none on my back. I have to trim the length of my chest and pits regularly...anyways, enough about me, we're talking about you!

I saw this at Target and another store...think it was Linens and Things or whatever that store was that I took my wife into for wedding gift shopping for someone:

http://www.target.com/MANGROOMER-Yo...rombrowse=0&rh=k%3AMen Back Shaver&page=1

It's gotta be better (and probably cheaper in the longrun) than waxing. I had my bushy eyebrows waxed once...never again.

Hopefully it doesn't leave itchy stubble...I'd look up reviews first.

i get my wife to smear Veet on my back and shoulders

Hey, depilatory. I never thought of that. I have no idea how I'd use it, since I am currently without a voluntary smearer. But for those who can get someone to help with it, I think it would be a great idea. Do you find it irritating at all? How long does that smell stick around after you wash it off?

I saw this at Target and another store...It's gotta be better (and probably cheaper in the longrun) than waxing.

No doubt it would be cheaper. A single wax job would cost more than that shaver. But better? If by "better" you mean less painful, I imagine you're right. If you mean the results are better, I doubt it. Still, it's an interesting idea and something to consider. Thanks for posting it.
I dunno if I would ask my wife to shave my back, there is no doubt that I love her and maybe that is why I think it best to save her that experience.

Yes, this.

Hey, depilatory. I never thought of that.

I have tried that once, the wife helped out with some Nair for Men.

Worst. Thing. Evar.

It got on the back of my neck and burned like a crazy sunburn. It got my back nice and smooth, but got some kind of rash or irritated folicles or somthing. Makes me scared of all depilatories. Maybe I'll try Veet one day, but for now will be other methods.
That mangroomer looks like something from the Spanish Inquisition. My daughter gets her brows waxed, come on, I can deal with some pain.
I have a slightly different experience with back hair. Mine is here and there and on my shoulders its annoying to see like five hairs a half inch long or so. I was tweezing them one night and the gf took the tweezers from me and started doing it. She did my whole back. I am a bit of a masochist, it felt great. She gets to rip hairs out of my back, I get slightly aroused. Win-Win.
Waxing does not hurt that much. I used to do it fairly regularly. The worst spot was under my arms, so I didn't do that so often. It was easier to shave, anyway.
i get my eyebrows waxed on a regular basis they can get out of control. there are home waxing products that work well. its a plastic package you heat with a blow dryer and then peel away one side like the backing of a sticker. yeah waxing hurts but it works
Why not be done with it forever and get laser treatment. Yes it is costly but 6 treatments or so and you are hair free.
How costly is it? And who does it? A dermatologist?

yes either a dermatologist or a trained tech/operator. some plastic surgeons also offer it.

It is costly, but worth it (had my back done after getting tired of waxing). I found neither procedure that painful, fwiw, but that's an individual thing. also fwiw, no one guarantees permanent 100% hair removal w/ laser. However, with several treatments, you will get near 100% and near permanent results. I'm left with basic peach fuzz with a few longer hairs and I'm fine with that.

whatever you do.,.. if you go the laser route, do your research. least expensive is not necessarily the best. and I'd go to a dermatologist as opposed to an assembly line "laser place." you will need several treatments, so you may want to look into package discounts, etc. again, cheaper is not necess. better. the number of treatments you will need will depend on your hair density, hair color & corseness, and skin color/skin type.
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