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Returning to shaving with a bang


I can recall the only time I ever tried shaving as if it were yesterday.

I was 15 and in high school when I asked my father about shaving, since for whatever genetic reason I had the opportunity to grow a decent beard at that age. He opened up a pack of disposable razors (I distinctly remember them being the pink plastic-y ones), and handed me one before reaching for his own. He mentioned those worked best for him because he was very prone to razor bumps and burn - I'm guessing they were the mildest he could find. It would explain why he always prefers to have a full beard instead.

The process was rather simple: Get some hand soap, rub it on your face until you get some slick foam all over your beard, and then pass the razor over it. WTG, ATG, and done. Followed by some GermX to close the pores.

I must admit it was a very different feeling, and I did not like it. Partly because my skin felt like glass, and mostly because I just wasn't used to seeing myself that smooth-faced. I had only ever trimmed my beard before with clippers because I liked the older look a beard gave me. It got me out of trouble and into places I wasn't supposed to be rather well, I found. And so I didn't shave ever again.

For about 4 years I grew out my beard as much as I could (Mother was not pleased and insisted I cut it down every time I made some progress). I even believe she went through the hassle of becoming a licensed cosmetologist just so she could cut my beard herself! 😆

I was forced to keep it trimmed down to a stubble (which I have grown to prefer) exactly one year ago when I moved out for university and lost my easy access to a haircut/beard trim. So there was me with a guard-less trimmer constantly making a mess having hairs fly all over my sink and floor. My mustache hairs would even bounce up into my nose! Very unpleasant. I finally got tired of that around a month ago and looked into shaving again.

Queue my discovery and extensive hyperfixated research on wet shaving, and fast-forward to this past Friday where I would be opening a box from Maggard Razors containing a Henson mild, 7-pack sampler blades, a synthetic brush, and some Proraso red! I had gotten some Nivea Sens. post-shave balm some days prior anticipating a shave ASAP. I'd say for a half-decade return I did not do bad. No cuts, or nicks, just mild irritation around my lips and lower neck - and even then I did not notice it until I used some hand sanitizer to close my pores. Although I do miss my stubble look, this was much neater and a nice change from mindlessly passing a trimmer all over my face. I still struggle to get straight, even-leveled sideburns, though; My glasses always mess with that. The plan is to shave once a week so my friends aren't too freaked out about seeing me smooth-faced, but I must say shaving was so fun I kinda just want to shave twice a week.

But anyway, sorry for the long post, and nice to meet you all!


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Welcome to B&B! Great introduction. Maybe consider something other than "hand sanitizer" for an aftershave. If you like those pores tightened up I'd recommend an alum block. Follow it up with some Lucky Tiger and viola!


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Welcome to B&B!

Of course you can't actually close your pores, and I suspect if we could it would produce unwanted results. An Alum block seems to be a good choice if you want to experience a tighter skin feel. Aftershave or witch hazel is a popular choice. Some shavers just use balm or a moisturizer and some don't use anything. It depends on your skin and what you're trying to do. Personally, hand sanitizer sounds like a horrible choice - but use whatever makes you happy.
Welcome to B&B! Before you know it you will shave everyday since this is very addicting. You will want to shave more often to try out some new stuff and you will like the feeling of that soft baby smooth face. You just wait!
Then you should get....

Welcome! Glad you found us & introduced yourself. This is a fun place where we can learn how to turn the task of shaving into a wonderful experience we look forward to. Look around, join in the conversations, & enjoy your shaves!
Welcome, I'm also new here. I also struggled with sideburns, especially with getting them consistent.

My ears are not good landmarks because they're at slightly different levels. Corners of eyes, nope, just can't hold eyeballs and razors in the same thought, not even for a half-second.

So I eventually chose my eyebrows. I extend the line from the ear end of each eyebrow, and where that line hits the sideburn is where I trim it to, tapering the trim to the angle of that intersection.

This looks better than all the other landmarks I tried, and is easier to replicate.

I hope it's helpful for you.
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