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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Black-Tie, Mar 17, 2019.

    I must concur with @Bhugo that Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum is what you seek for your wheel-house.
    In my mis-spent youth, I too, explored many a Bay Rum to my cost and detriment. Price is certainly no guarantor of satisfaction as many of my expensive yet dusty bottles will attest.
    Bay Rums are individual, unique, and a matter of personal taste.
    That said, you can't go wrong trying out Pinaud's, considering it's pedigree and attractive price.
    You may wish to transfer the contents to a clean glass bottle to truly appreciate it's olfactory charms, unadulterated by the unpleasant taint of Pinaud's plastic bottles!
  1. Ad Astra

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    1979 was even more fun!

  2. I am a fan of the original Clubman, has great staying power for me. It's splashed on around 7:15 in the morning and I smell it off and on until late afternoon.

    I purchased the Special Reserve and island bay rum 2 weeks ago. Neither comes close to the staying power. An hour is the max I have smelled the bay rum. A few hours on the SR.

    Are there any fragrances out there that I need to try that mimic the Pinaud bay rum smell? I really like the smell, it just doesn't last for me.

    I had a sample of Captains Choice bay rum soap. That smell was very nice. I need to see if they have an aftershave and/or cologne to try maybe?
  3. The thing I most associate with 1969 is having a 356 draft lottery number so I could finish college.
  4. Based on the description you provided, I would try Olagallala's Sweet Orange Bay Rum. It comes in regular or double strength. Be warned, I like the Olgallala Bay Rum products, but when you get the scented versions, they mask the Bay Rum scent. Would probably go with the regular on this for the first shot.
  5. Bay rum seems really hot right now. Four threads asking the same question.
  6. Captains choice is my favorite (all be it only one ive used) bay rum so far.... havent found any non alcohol based aftershaves that can be shipped overseas any suggestions ??
  8. Ad Astra

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    But it's so easy! This came straight off the bidding site. Inexpensive, too.

    Amazing that the scents hold up for 50 years, but they do! I use Avon aftershave almost every day and they are all from the 1970s-80s.

  9. It's Hedley

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    I just scored a full 8oz "barrel" of Avon Bay Rum from Ebay for $20 delivered. I don't think this is too outrageous a price to pay. Should arrive in a week and am excited to try my first Avon product ever.
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    Hm, Wild Country is usually scored locally and inexpensively, if you want to try a more typical Avon.

    To learn more, here's a great Avon thread ...

    Vintage Avon find

    I've read the whole thing! When Avon fever strikes, only Blend 7 will do! Or Wild Country! or ...

  11. Wow! That's amazing!
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    Try one and judge for yourself! Junktique stores frequently have Avon for a buck or two ... But not the Bay Rum, unless you are very lucky.

  13. Yep, my favorite is Blend 7, at least today it is. Never tried anything like it. I've bought it online, once at a Goodwill, and once at a yard sale. Only bought the Bay Rum online. I did pay 2 bucks for an empty Bay Rum jug at a Salvation Army. The War Department thought I was crazy, but I'm gonna use that bottle for a homemade Bay Rum one of these years!
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    I came across an empty Avon Bay Rum book-bottle and filled it with Bootleggers!

  15. Ad Astra

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    But then, I have the Avon 1969 BR barrel ... And the 80s reissue, so. Got BR covered.

  16. That thought has crossed my mind as well....
  17. H
    How does that reissue compare? Rarely I see it at a price I'm willing to pay on the Bay....
  18. Ad Astra

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    Avoid. Not the same stuff, and it has some chemical junk in it I react to.

    It IS a cool bottle in the den, though.

  19. I also just picked up an 8 oz jug of avon BR yesterday off the auction site. Excited to try it.

    I had some Avon Spicy and Avon Island Lime arrive this week too. I like the spicy but the avon lime isnt as good as i hoped. It was a full bottle that came in the box etc. I love citrus scents so i was a bit disappointed.

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