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    I know where you got that. I'm just more afraid of my wife than you are of yours!
  1. I agree I love Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum
    just brought a new bottle on the bay
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    Both the War Department and the Spanish Armada are to be feared … yet 8 oz. of Avon Bay Rum for $2 is worth the risk of destruction!

    Besides, I get home before her. :001_tt2: Usually. :a16:

  3. I was wrong. It looks just like one I was tempted by on the Bay! You stole that my friend.
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    Usually when you get Avons for a buck or two, the seller is clipping you on shipping ... which is OK, if you consider the overall price to be what the thing cost. On this one, this shipping really was the shipping price, so. Sometimes people are just doing you a favor! it seems. It really was full!

    How about the totally intact box from 1969? The ad copy on the back is a trip, I'll take a photo.

    Bottom line, I'm slapping on Avon Bay Rum - very nice (though I usually use BR when it's cooler out).

    My local sellers; I've gotten all the good ones already. Left lots of WC for others, though.

  5. Just ordered a Barrister & Mann BayRum splash.
    Let’s find out how it is.. :)

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  6. Anyone else use Knightsbridge Bay Rum cream? The scent wasn’t super-clovey, more like black licorice or something. Like shaving with Sambuca, if you will. Looking for an aftershave which smells similar. Have a small bottle of Pinaud arriving tomorrow; getting the distinct impression I should have purchased Captain’s Choice instead.
  7. I will be waiting for replies, as I've never tried Pinaud's Bay Rum. Please report back. I got a sample of Captain's Choice awhile ago, and it is very nice, if a bit fleeting on my skin. Which is not always a bad thing. And welcome to the best waste of time on the internet!
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    Pinaud BR is noted/faulted for clove. I use it in the Bootleggers BR blend, can't remember it alone as well.

    The actual pimentosa racemosa leaf smell in BR is of course best - such as the Avon has.

  9. You are smart. That is why we keep you around here. Them Latin words always trip me up. Thank you.
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    Not smart. Just well-shaved.

    Pimenta racemosa - Wikipedia

    See, I misspelllt it.

  11. I (we-wife buys it for me) like this Bay Rum powder. 43AEC282-B89E-4FE9-B520-FE8A654E94A4.jpeg
  12. Verdict: it’s a clove/ allspice aftershave with some potential bay rum undertones. Great smell, but the wife hates it. Too similar to Afta Green (which she says smells like Great-Grandpa). Great scent for sure, but not noticing too much of the rum or leaf scent.
  13. I was a huge fan of Dominica Bay Rum, but I can't find it anymore. I decided to give VIBR another chance (received a skunked bottle years ago that turned me off) and now I'd say it's my bay rum of choice. I would like to try the TOBS bay rum as I am a big fan of their creams.
  14. Received it today. Very hard to describe... probably the most.. « cinnamony » splash I used so far.. the citrus hint is less intrusive than the Barberry Coast (which used to be my favorite...) Great balance, at least for my personal taste.
    The scent lasts for a fair amount of time and the skin feels great!
    Overall, you either love it or hate it guts. I love it to bits! It has become my favourite Bay Rum so far. If you’re a fan of cinnamon, do not hesitate!

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  15. Clubman VIBR is the most refreshing Bay Rum, and I’ve tried many. For a strong lasting scent PAA Classic Bay Rum is the best one I’ve used.
  16. Give this a shot. The closest thing to Dominica I've tried. Pure, fresh bay rum the way it should be.

    Home | Merrimack Trading

  17. Those who like cinnamon should love Chiseled Face ('tropical') bay rum. A fairly unique recipe of its own accord with the ginger and black pepper, the lime, vanilla and bergamot. Not to mention essence of bay and Jamaican rum!

  18. Had this in the cart until I saw shipping was almost as much as the product. Yikes!
  19. It's obvious, you're just totally "in the tank" for anything from 1969!
    Is it the moon landing, Nixon's inaugural year, Chappaquiddick, the Manson killings, your first Pontiac Trans Am, or that incredible acid trip you just can't let go of?
    Not to worry, the 50th anniversary of Woodstock is just around the corner.
    Time to dig out your old Hendrix LP's...Joplin, Canned Heat, Mountain, &etc...
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