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BEST bay rum?

I have these Bay Rums: Captain's Choice Bay Rum, PAA's Atomic Age Bay Rum, and the Pinaud Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum. I like these right now! But now it makes me curious to try the other Bay Rum's out there to see if I like those even more, but that's a whole other problem! Like @Eric_75 said, YMMV. Whatever you like is what you are going to use and associate with Bay Rum.

Then there us weirdos that do our own mashups with Bay Rum. I use the PAA Atomic Bay Rum Star Jelly and then I add a splash of a Citrus aftershave splash to it or what @geneaut said and use Orange Chill or whatever! I still get the Bay Rum postshave with an added bonus. You see PAA do this with pretty much EVERYTHING and Bay Rum. Or splurge and get the OG St. John's Bay Rum!

Good luck on your quest to finding YOUR favorite and best Bay Rum!
For anyone who’s tried both the Ethos Bay Rum and PAA Atomic age, how do the scents compare?

I have the PAA Atomic Age aftershave and really like it.
I’m quite keen on trying the Ethos Bay Rum (soap & AS), especially after seeing this picture in another thread:

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Yes - that is one I got from the owner of Ethos. He developed his own bay rum, it is phenomenal (to me).
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I really love Bay Rum soaps. My favorites are Lather & Wood, with Mystic Waters coming in as a close second. The Stirling has a little too much of a musky undertone for my taste and I would count it my third choice. Captain's Choice is a little too clovey for my taste but it shaves well. Ogwalla (or however it is spelled) is way too clovey, the clove element is drastically overpowering. Fine is also too clovey.

Something I discovered recently is Classic Shaving Wool Fat Bay Rum. The scent is milder than I prefer, but very nice, and it shave exceptionally well. It is about as mild as Col Conk, but probably truer to real bay rum.

Anyway, that my opinion, for what it's worth.
I’m not sure Captian’s Choice uses any clove - I could be wrong but I believe he skips clove and uses a fair amount of cinnamon.

It is also a bay rum I always keep around along with Derby Chop Shop Tonic and Ethos. I also have a bottle of Rooster’s Nest Bourbon Bay Rum I am going to test out shortly.

Natural cinnamon on the skin also feels warm and I believe his cat o 9 tails is just extra cinnamon to give that burn.
Scent wise, Clubman Pinaud VI Bay Rum is a damn good, especially for the cheap drugstore/supermarket product.
For me smell is just what it says on the label - cloves, bay leaves and some cinnamon.
I had Dendi Bay Rum soap and it's very nice but it's not exactly the same scent - only similarity is cinnamon note. It says that beside cinnamon it have pine needles, orange, apple and clove notes.
Turtleship Bay Rum, Ogalala, and J.L.davis might be the only Bay Rums I have in the den. Bay Rum is not much of a favorite scent but they all have their uniqueness. The Turtleship is very well done and is not a Spice Bomb like some Bay Rums tend to be. There are bound to be more qualified opinions when the aficionados show up.
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