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    The Bay Rum scents I do abhor are the ones that make you smell like a Christmas ham, lol.
  1. Captains Choice is the only bay rum I've tried. I like it so for the time being I don't feel the need to try any other.
  2. In my ‘bay rum phase’ I really appreaciated Oglallala’s options. You might check those out.
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  4. Ogallala Bay Rum might be what you are looking for. But I think every Bay Rum lover should try the offerings from PAA. I have three, and the classic is my favorite but all are great!
  5. Never used barberry coast, so no help there unfortunately. Also not sure what you mean by citrus, is this necessary or is it a note you smelled in a traditional bay rum? I've tried a few bay rums, mixed a few, and a lot of it comes down to individual preference.

    My favorite bay rum is a 50:50 mix of Gabels and Masters bay rums. Face feel is great, scent is outstanding. I also really like Captain's Choice cat o nine tails scent. The burn is hard to push through if I don't use it daily. His general bay rum and lime are also pretty good. Bootleggers lime is the most citrus like bay rum I've used. It is good but a little too drying for me. Stephan's bay rum is ok, but it doesn't add anything over my Master and Gabels mixture, and it's face feel isn't as good imo.

    It all comes down to what you want to spend truthfully. My Master and Gabels mix will make about 32 ounces of juice for $20-25. A 4 ounce bottle of most others will run you just under $20 unless you're making bootleggers which is also inexpensive. Samples are your friend here for sure.

    Good luck and hope you find what you are seeking!

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  6. I like the scent of Master, but I find it doesn't last long. The Ogallala I don't love when it is first applied, but gets much better after something fades away from it after an hour or so, and it has good staying power. VIBR is very good and very inexpensive. Hard to beat that combo.

  7. +2. Ogallala AS will warm you up though....
  8. Some reviewers say the scent is rather short-lived. Is that your experience as well?

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    It stuck around for a while, not hours, but it’s not an over-powering scent. I’d like to want more rather than want less.
  10. i still love st. johns it always has the best smell for me. bootleggers as well
  11. Another thumbs-up for Masters. Not only is the scent nice (if not long-lasting) but it also feels very nice on the skin.
  12. I have a bottle of Gabels Bay Rum. To my nose, cinnamon is the dominant scent - it's not really my cup o'tea.

    I tried a sample of Sterling Soap bay rum and absolutely loved the scent but it also felt like it burned my face off. In fairness it may have been a combination of technique so I'm going to give it another shot on my next Sterling order.
  13. Just getting ready to mix up a batch of Bootleggers Original Bay and Lime Bay. Just love the stuff
  14. Just received a bottle of the Captain's Choice Bay Rum. This is my 1st bay rum so I have nothing to compare it with. It is OK. The scent seems very very mild. Almost minimal. I don't like overpowering scents or ones that last for hours and hours. But CC Bay Rum seems underwhelming. Would like something with a bit more pop!
  15. Bay Rum just doesn't last long, kinda like Lime. Just the nature of the beast. I hate to say this, cuz it'll mean less for me, but vintage Avon Bay Rum is hard to beat.
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    I've tried many bay rum splashes!

    To date, my top marks go to Taylor's bay rum!!

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  17. This is the one you want to try then... Has great staying power...
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