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MWF (Tallow) like-for-like replacement?

Take a look at Classic Shaving. They have something like 15 scents of wool fat soaps, including an unscented version. Currently I'm enjoying their Bay Rum version, which is a lightly scented but very pleasant.
Indoor temp has never been an issue. Maybe at the retailer location or transit, but certainly not in my house.
I've been very fortunate. Never had bad batch yet. Been using Cella for 10years or more. I currently have Cella in a large cardboard box in wax paper sitting in drawer for over a year. No problems at all. I cut small blocks and put soap in small containers in the medicine cabinet for quick access. It's been a favorite of mine since I've started using it.
I started using MWF in response to the demise of Aramis Shaving Soap (of sainted memory). Someone here suggested using an unscented soap with a few drops of cologne added to the lather. That sounded easier than using a micro-plane grater, mixing in the cologne, and forming a new puck out of the shredded goo. It worked fine.

Now they've come for MWF and I'm looking for a substitute. I only ask that it be unscented and contain tallow. It's not that I object to vegan formulations, although they probably make a lot of noise while being grated. I'm just a bit set in my ways.


1) Is there an easy, straight-up substitute for MWF? Unscented, tallow, any cake size?
2) Failing that is there any tallow-based soap that has a St.-John's-Bay-Rum OR Royall-Lyme OR Pomme-de-Pin scent?
3) Failing that what is the least-scented tallow shaving soap?

I'm not deeply attached to any shaving mug I own so cake size is not an issue.

A great many of us had to scramble to find a replacement for MWF. Beyond any doubt, Stirling Unscented Beeswax is a stellar performer. I even use it to mix with sub performing soaps to make them better. It is fantastic all by itself and has no scents or perfumes.

For a soap with a scent that is close to as good as MWF I like Cella red. It is a tallow soap, but has no lanolin. If it did it would take over the world. It is a creamy lathering masterpiece. It works.


Ask me about shaving naked!
Another suggestion, Mike’s Natural soaps, tallow, lanolin, and kokum butter. He’s usually sold out of the popular fragrances but unscented and maybe 1-2 others are usually available.
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