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  • Martin de Candre Copra, Chamomile and Lemon Oil
    2.00 star(s)
    Very good but very overpriced skin conditioner
    I bought this oil based on the raving reviews I found on the net. It comes in a 5.6 cm/2.2" (diameter) x 4.7 mm/1.85" (height) glass container...
    • JanVanDerVoort
  • Fatip 'il Grosso' Open Comb
    5.00 star(s)
    Top product at a most affordable price
    I believe enough have been written about the efficiency and comfort–or lack thereof for some–of the Fatip open comb. This being my 5th Fatip open...
    • JanVanDerVoort

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Gents, After a 10 minute borax soak, a shampoo and conditioning, the Polo softened up quite a bit and was ready for action. Here are some pics.... Soaking the polo 12 super in boiling h20 from the hot pot. Loading up with CF Lavender Loaded with a couple of honking' globs of CF 30 stirs and it isn't to my liking Opened the "breech" and stuck some more cream in there. There was plenty of h20 in the brush - not enough cream. 15-20 more stirs and I was where I wanted to be...
I purchased these soaps/lotion combos - 3 scents, Peppemint & Blend #37 Emerald soap (Olive oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E based) as well as a combo of the Blend #7 SHEA butter based shaving soap/lotion. This review is specific to the shea butter soap and all of the aftershaves (same forumla for the a/s - just different scents.) Here goes... Bottom line.... if I started out with this stuff - I would have looked no further. It is simply superb stuff, really first rate...
Fan-freikin'-tastic. Will.... you are a scholar and a gentleman. After four Passes.... This soap is Aloe, Glycerin, Olive oil and Viramin E based - and lemme tell you, works like the dickens. Incredibly lubric, easy to lather, and leaves yoru face feeling AMAZING. SUPER moisturized, but not at all greasy. Followed up with some of his A/S balm, and pure heaven gentlemen. The scent is very interesting... peppermint, but with hints of lime, and other "scents" more than...
Howdy All, I’ve been using my Savile Row ‘big ***’ brush that I got from QED for about two weeks now, so I thought I’d write a review. The brush’s product ID is “SR12T” (however QED has it listed under “SR212”). It’s a super badger brush with a 30mm knot, and a nice faux-tortoise handle that’s a translucent amber. Now for some pictorial goodness: The brush: Some close-ups: An overhead shot: Next to a quarter for comparison to show how big this darned thing is...
Ingredients... Opened.... Other Side... Lathered... Well with that shown, look at the lathered soap picture.... Notice how airy the lather is, and how dry the brush is? The lather from this soap is simply terible, as is the shave. All in all, not much to talk about as it is just (in my opinion) a god awful soap. Not only does it smell medeocre, work terribly, lather poorly, and dry out immediatly, but it is also quite expensive. One cake of this soap is $5, however it is...
First let me say.... the actual Monterey Soap Company store on Cannery Row is an amazing place to visit. FILLED with incredible soaps, candles, etc. Really a wonderful little place, an absolute joy to visit! The neatest part... you can actually watch them make soaps, candles, etc. Now - onto the review. I purchased 3 cakes of soap, 2 cakes of Honey Almond Oatmeal (one bowl, one refill), and one cake of morning mint. Both smell exceptional, the morning mint almost smells like a...
I have had the pleasure of testing the new QED rose shave soap. First let me quickly state, that I have tried a hard soap from nearly every manufacture out there (save for AOS) from Tabac, to muhle, to Dr Harris. If it is a top quality soap, chances are I have tried it. Although I prefer the shave quality of soaps, I am not too fond of their scent more precisely the lack their of. Few things are as regal of an experience as being flattened by an incredible fragrance, and thus far, shaving...
Please excuse some of the different styles/lightings in the pics. I JUST got this new digicam, and have been messing with the size/settings. :biggrin: Soaking the brush.... Top of wood bowl - close up.... Soap... Lathertime... 3 quick swirls.... 5 more quick swirls... Up close and personal... 5 more quick swirls... Side view... No flash - digimacro mode... Two links to MONSTER close up no flash pics... you can...
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Classic Shave soap by Maurer & Wirtz
Gents, Well I got my package from Em in and with it, this soap. The scent is quite complex and busy, however it really grew on me. It is really quite nice although I must say, I found it confusing and cannot really figure out why. It is nice, but I think I would choose a different scent next time as some of her other scents I find to be EXTREMELY pleasing. First thing I noticed - the scent is not very potent. The amount of EO used must be significantly less that others. I have a very...
Gents, I got a small cake of the Classic Shaving Sandalwood soap in a few days ago, and have gotten the chance to use it a few times, and lather it many times. As some of you may remember I had an irritation problem with Classicshaving's soap with the previous formula. Much to my delight there was ZERO irritation from this soap and Ray's claim of having dramatically decreased potential irritation is right on in my opinion. Scent - In cake form it smells quite nice. Although it...
0.38 star(s) 13 ratings
Gents, I got the extreme pleasure of getting my hands on the new QED shave stick... before I go any further, place your order with Charles for one now before he sells out!! This thing is just out and out awesome! Thus far it comes in 2 scents…. Lime and Lavender. I have never been much of a lime fan but this is just superb, even BETTER than the Castle Forbes lime scent. Very dry, yet tarty and sweet hot damn does that thing smell amazing. I have had my nose buried in it all day...
Gents, Without hesitation, I can/will say this is the BEST scent I have ever had the pleasure of sticking my honker in! I have never been that much of a sandalwood fan, but again - this is the BEST scent from any cologne, cream, soap, you name it - I have ever smelled... not only does it smell simply fabulous, but its scent lingers on your skin all day. This is a MUST try for all you chaps!
1.80 star(s) 15 ratings
Size comparo VS QED and Tabac Preparing to lather... I had to stop using the soap in the blue mug and switch to the standard mug, as it was slipping around too much. The soap developed decent lather and provided a decent shave. Nice stuff, but compared to the compeition... it is lacking.
Open the lid..... Comes with three bars of soap.... but one of them is currently in use :wink: Verdict? Smells great, lathers like the dickens, incredibly moisturizing, very economical as it lasts a VERY long time just a superb all around soap... really superb bath soap! For what it is worth - I believe Caswell Massey makes this soap.
When my lovely lady presented me with this as a present for X-MAS, I was shocked... This is not the same product I remembered from C&E. It "used" to come in a drab box, with a jar identical to the 3 T's... nothing special. Now it comes in a gorgeous box worthy of displaying, in a GLASS jar... REALLY has a great overall appearance. The Jar the cream comes in is simply gorgeous... well as far as shaving cream jars go :wink: Now the serious...
0.80 star(s) 5 ratings
I have been wanting a good travel brush for some time - but simply refused to even consider paying their going price - as it would only be used for travel, and I do not travel much. When the ashford sale rolled around, I couldn't help myself, as it was such a screaming deal..... Box... Back of box... Open Box... Unwrapped from Tissue... Out of box... In Hand... "Open" Bottom so as to allow the brush to dry... Back of "tube"... Twisting...
Penhaligons is without question my favorite cologne house.... every scent of theirs I have smelled has been simply divine, but Hammam Boquet takes it even one step further. Pure..... liquid.... happiness. Whoever said you can't buy happiness... can go pound sand as far as I am concerned :tongue: If you like Rose....and you like Lavender... and you like women... then you'll LOVE this cologne. Talk about a drop dead show stopper - this Hammam Boquet is so classy, so elegant, so fresh...
Today I had the pleasure of shaving with St. Charles Shave Shamrock Shaving Soap. The lather characteristics are equal to the remain SCS line of shaving soaps resulting in a shave very similar to T&H shaving soap. It is not as lubricating as Trumpers or Baudelaire but still results in a might fine shave. Where this soap shines is the fragrance! It is absolutely incredible - very clean and green smelling. While using it, I was stumped as to where I've smelled this before. Finally it...
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