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Gents, it is hard to get really psyched about a hand lotion. but this stuff is just phenomenal. Wintertime around here, plus constant hand washing (kids, ya know) really takes a toll on my hands. It is not unusual for them to get so dry that they actually crack. Very painful indeed. Every evening before bedtime I like to give them a good moisturizing. Also another chance to add some scent into your life. :wink:

I picked this up from Nancy Boy in the "Sweetgrass" scent. In a nutshell, this stuff is the single best hand lotion I have ever come across. What makes it so good? It is the fastest absorbed moisturizer I have ever come across. There is nothing worse than applying some stuff to yor hands and having them stay greasy. Yuck. Inside of a minute or two, this stuff is sucked into your skin like no tomorrow, leaving them very well moisturized.

And the scent? It is so intense that my wife can smell it across the room when I apply it, and it lingers for literally hours. the "sweetgrass" to me smells like lemon verbena - not sure what is really in it. This also comes in their signature scent (like the shave cream, mint/rosemary/lavender) and a rose-based scent. It is also reasonably priced at $15 for a full 8 oz. This stuff has displaced my workaday Em's lotions, which is saying a lot.

Addendum: I continue to love the NB hand lotion. As previously mentioned,the Sweetgrass scent is incredibly intense, and lingers a while. In my latest order, I figured I would pick up a bottle of the lotion in their "signature" scent, figuring that like the shave cream scent, it would be less intense.

Boy was I wrong. The scent is like the shave cream on steroids - intense lavender, mint, and rosemary. Very relaxing. Not what I expected, but very nice indeed.

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O.K. I'm a Nancy Boy fan :em3300: and this is just another great product from their line up. Gets rid of the dry hands, especially after my morning shower. Great smelling in their Signature Scent, if you love NB's Signature Shave Cream, you won't want to miss this!:em17:
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Is it helpful to buy separate face, hand, and body moisturizers? When I went to the NB website, it seems their body moisturizer is the cheapest.
I'm a big fan of Nancy Boy products. They work well, and are reasonably priced. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the hand lotion. I tried the sweetgrass, it does work great, it moisturizes well, is quickly absorbed, and does not feel greasy at all. Unfortunately the smell is just too strong. I prefer products that have a scent that smells great, but does not linger, and usually Nancy Boy really delivers. But this scent, while being pleasant is just too strong for too long. I don't want my lotion to draw attention to me and this does just that.

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