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Whats in your mug? ~ January 2009.

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All Union Hand Roasted Revelation blend at work

2: 6oz cappas
1: 10oz latte
1: 10oz Cappa with Hazelnut Syrup
2: Macchiato
2: Bomba

3: Union Hand Roasted single estate Guatamala Filter Coffees


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Some home roasted Mexican Chiapas (organic, fair trade).

Roasted to a nice Vienna/light French in my FreshRoast.

I'm getting the hang of the FreshRoast - I've been playing with the right weight of coffee to use to get the results I want - a full city + or Vienna, that takes an entire roast cycle to get there so that there's decent depth.

I also roasted another batch of the Chiapas and a batch of Ethiopian Djimmah to a nice Vienna this morning.


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"Blue Meanie" espresso blend, 5 days post-roast. Many delicious espressos and cappuccinos were had this AM.
Mama was sleeping in this AM, so no grinding for me. Just filled it up with good old Maxwell House and remembered that it still makes a decent cup of coffee.


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Sumatra "Harimau Tiger" in French Press. A coffee that belies the notion that Sumatras have to be over-roasted. Lovely, plummy goodness.
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