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Whats in your mug? ~ January 2009.

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Strange day. Strange combinations.

Started with the remains of last night's Xiaguan 2008 FT 'Happy Tuo'.
[A good solid tea, tho' it doesn't float my boat the way it does ouch's.]

Then, in the office, the remains of yesterday's 2008 HLH Bulang Star.
[I like this one quite a lot.]

Then, opened up the 2008 Menghai Classic 801 -- working on that. Promising.

But after the first conference call ended (at 9am), I desperately need coffee -- Columbia Supremo from Red Barn Roasters, French pressed.

I expect to be in orbit shortly.
Well, fighting a bug, so I have two vessels beside me.
A mug of Chinese green and a glass with some Chivas on ice.

If my palate is buggered, no sense wasting good booze.
Not open for further replies.