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Are you a coffee mug pre heater?

No, but by bringing the liquid to a boil over and over it looses most of the volatiles that give the coffee its flavor. And, I might add, pouring that liquid over the grounds over and over means that the coffee is over-extracted as well. This is why people who like good coffee and understand what's going on don't use them.

Nostalgia does come at a price, but it’s still good.
I used to preheat my mug but stopped doing it a couple of years ago. Too much hassle with no benefit, especially on a busy weekday morning.
I preheat the mug, I use a digital thermometer to get the temperature as close to 151 degrees as possible. 151 degrees is when the human tongue senses pain. I use a Chemex so I make each cup fresh.

And, yes, sometimes I use the microwave to reheat it (gasp!).

I bought one of those little hot plate coasters, but I haven't used it much as it seems like it's more trouble than it's worth.

It took me years to climb out of the shaving gear rabbit hole. I come back and now I am down this coffee rabbit hole. I find myself thinking about all the methods I see on here for brewing. What a group of enablers we all are.

I'm out of the gear rabbit hole but still have a weakness for soap. I hope that passes. I'll be a centenarian before I use what I have on hand.

Thankfully I climbed out of the coffee rabbit hole a decade ago. I've gone for pure convenience and high octane for many years now.

When your brain learns to associate its fix with a certain flavor, you learn to like that flavor. A prime example is beer. No one starts out liking beer, but most people learn to love it after they catch a few buzzes.

If flavor were the only factor, we'd all still be on green Kool-Aid.
My wife got me a Yeti mug. I didn’t want it but she got it with my initials on it so I use it. I don’t use the lid but it keeps my coffee warm nonetheless.

Yeah, my one and only Yeti product was a gift too. It's basically an old-fashioned sized "glass". It gets plenty of use for coffee, but we have similar insulated cups that are 95% as good for 50% of the money. I wouldn't spend my own money on Yeti. I've got other ways to squander it.
Nope, but I do preheat my Stanley thermos. Pour boiling water into it and let it sit while my coffee is brewing in my French Press. When the coffee is ready, I pour out the water and pour in the coffee. Keeps it hot most of the day.
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