Rubberset model numbers - Post your numbers here

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    Every time I think I've caught my white whale another one comes along.:eek2:
  2. Wow!!
    What's the story behind this one?
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    I wish I knew more about it. Its an eBay purchase that will hit my door in about a week. Sure is unique for Rubberset.
  4. Amazing. Congrats.
  5. Another WOW. Some great finds gentlemen.
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    Here is another Sterling Silver Rubberset. This one is a "Albright" Rubberset. It was made by Wm. B. Kerr & Co, Newark, NJ.

    sterling_albright-1_1.jpg sterling_albright-1_5.jpg
  7. WoW, Jim! I've never seen one... Gonna re-knot it?
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    Hi Dan,

    This one I'm going to keep as is. Not one I would actually see myself using so I'm going to leave it as I found it. When I eventually release it back into the wild I'll let the next caretaker decide whether or not it gets modernized.
  9. Figured you might :001_cool:
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    Jim -- That's a great find. Love that hammered look on the silver.
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    Thanks Kurtis. I like the hammered look too.
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    Here is some additional information on the Sterling Silver knight brush from the previous page. It's a replica of a hand-made 14k gold display model that toured Rubberset dealers in 1947. The sterling silver version sold for $400 at that time.

    ambassador-1_[1947] .jpg ambassador-2_[1947].jpg ambassador-5_[1947].jpg ambassador-3_[1947].jpg ambassador-4_[1947].jpg
  13. Here is a Canadian Rubberset but one with a model number, 300-N. 53.975mm loft, 53.975mm handle length, 107.95mm total length. Maybe a 21-22mm loft. I cheated...the loft and total length were in the advert ;)

    Based on research, it seems like it is from around 1946 or at least appears in the 1946 catogue.

    Credit to for the historical info. A fantastic resource on Rubberset and others.

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    Fantastic brush MVD1. It's interesting to note that the "-N" designation in the States would have meant a nylon knot. Clearly in this Canadian version it's badger. The same company but totally different ways of handling models.
  15. Thanks! I plan to put in a tuxedo knot so the "N" will soon be more accurate. I have a few Canadian Rubberset brushes but only this one has the model number. Apparently model numbers were not common for the Canadian brushes.

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    Agreed. More Canadian Rubberset had no model number as opposed to the US where most had one.
  17. Model number: 200 N
    Handle design: Decagon (10 sided), "Plastiset"
    Type and grade of hair used: Nylon, White
    Knot size: 20mm
    Loft height: 45mm
    Handle height: 45mm
    Total height (Loft + Handle): 90mm
    Color: Ivory, Black Endcap

    HPIM0239.JPG HPIM0241.JPG Rubberset 200N (1).JPG
  18. Hi, older post, but I may have found some info on these..they were for the US Military in WW2!
  19. I just got one to match my Bakelite Tech! :D

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