Rubberset model numbers - Post your numbers here

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    My Two Rubberset Brushes after restoration:

    Rubberset 103 with a 22mm Silvertip Badger and my "Unicorn Brush" The Rubberset 400 with a 27mm Silvertip Badger:

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  1. I came across this Rubberset 754 at an estate sale today. Has anyone come across one of these before? I noticed that there wasn't one on Bladeshark's website.

    $ImageUploadedByTapatalk1448127439.521255.jpg $ImageUploadedByTapatalk1448127448.289599.jpg
  2. Here are Rubbersets.
    Made in Canada 75N on the left and a 203 Made in the USA.

    Here is the 75N reknotted with a Pure Badger knot recoverd from A NGT of London Pure Badger
  3. My newly found rubberset c100. I was thinking of putting a plisson knot in this if I can clean it up, but can't seem to find the knot size because there is zero info I've been able to find online. Anybody know the knot size? (I realize I can measure after I get the knot out. Just asking out of curiosity)

  4. I have never seen this color combo on any kind of brush. I will be restoring it and posting pics like usual in the resto part of the forums but for now here she is in all her glory.

    Rubberset Z300

    Knot is so shot I can't even tell if it was badger or boar.


  5. BladeShark

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    I've never seen that model before either. Thanks for posting.
  6. Great colors. Love to see that restored.
  7. A couple more Rubberset's added to the collection this week.
    $20160813_172507.jpg $20160813_172522.jpg
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    Very nice! I especially like that black handled one. I think it's older.

  9. I was "guessing" it might be older. Based on the wood handle and the Albright name added. Although I did see a later model in this thread with the Albright name. I'll send pics for the website if you want, also found a Wontshed 1 and a Klenzo B1054 that I'll send pics of soon.
  10. And for last weekends find: the Grail brush of vintage brushes, or so it seems.
    Now I have to get around to doing some restorations
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    Yep, that's quite a find. Not too many people find these in the wild. Have fun with the restore! It's pretty straight forward.
  12. I found this mug at a flea market a couple of weeks ago. I have been told that it came in a set with a Rubberset 400. Anyone have any information on this?

    $2016-09-02 18.10.43.jpg

    $2016-09-02 18.11.15.jpg

    $2016-09-02 18.11.40.jpg

    $2016-09-03 16.28.10.jpg
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    I think I own the same mug; purchased on eBay sometime over the years of wet shaving poverty. I cant believe I use to actually think this hobby was going to save money over multi-bladed disposables. But I digress...

    Unfortunately there are almost no remaining records of the aluminum Rubberset 400. This mug seems to naturally compliment the brush and may have been sold together by an industrious retailer but I've seen no record of it. Maybe someday down the road.
  14. Thanks for the reply BladeShark.

    I know what you mean, about a year ago I found this site and I told myself that if I stayed away the bay, I could save money :001_rolle. Well, I now have about 100 razors, almost 40 mugs, over 50 brushes, and I have no idea how much AVON and other stuff, almost all vintage from flea markets and antique shops :blush:. When I start thinking that I'm spending too much money, I just check out ebay and I feel better :001_smile.

    When I found it, the tag said WWII mug, but I didn't think that was true. Tony Brown is the one that said he found something that may indicate that it came with an aluminum Rubberset brush, which I like that better. Either way, I think they looks very good together, and the vintage Williams soap that came in it works very well with the mug.

    $2016-09-06 21.48.01.jpg
  15. A trip to "the worlds largest garage sale" was well worth it for my growing Rubberset collection.
    The 750 was on my wish list as was the 400-3, finding 2 was a real bonus.(something about lightning comes to mind:w00t:) No # on the black/white one though.
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    That's quite a haul. Congratulation. I'm quite jealous. Where is this "worlds largest garage sale"?
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  17. Warrensburg, N.Y. lays claim to the worlds largest garage sale, my guess they just claimed it first.
    Would be just plain cruel to tell you how "cheap" I got them
  18. I found this brush a few days ago at a flea market. It's unusual because to me it looks new, it has no number, and the markings on the bottom are different than any other Rubberset that I've seen.

    $2016-11-06 17.24.12.jpg

    $2016-11-06 18.16.04.jpg
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    Hello Mlee,

    You're right, these are unusual in that they have very limited markings and no model number. The style though is identical to a design they used for their models 69, 89 & 100. I've also seen same brush (without the model number) in NOS boxes that list the model number as 1460, 1466 and 1467. I'm not sure what the differences are, they look identical to me.

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