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Rubberset model numbers - Post your numbers here


That's the plan. To be honest, my wife likes that brush more than I do. My plan is the usual sand/polish/re-knot to stock.
Yes I would do the same but I was greedy and got 5, so I have gone and used all knots available but I have kept the best one stock.
From left to right
1 stock how it came out
2 boar from larrys
3 synthetic
4 Silvertip
5 horse

I was given this brush by an older friend who’s father ran a Berber shop many years ago. I’m thinking a 200 something, made in Canada. Interestingly it appears the patent number was factory removed.

The bristles were trimmed unfortunately but were apparently quite long. I’d love any information I can get on this one. I’d like to restore it.

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Here's what I have so far. 2 400-3's, 2 400 no numbers, a 49-3, a Canadian Rubberset NOS no number, and a no number wood handle Rubberset. Still like to get a couple of 200's. 2019-12-22 13.08.50.jpg
I recieved one on a set , it looks like a 49 but measurements don´t match... is smaller, 4 1/2 inches long... Lovely brush nonetheless...

Here with a Slim for comparsion
Rubberset S1

recent restoration. given the measurements before I started work on it.....I would say it's the S1 rather than the B1. but I could be wrong.