Rubberset model numbers - Post your numbers here

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  1. Are you interested in photos/information on other brands or re-brands. Stag, Luxury, and Klenzo in particular.
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    I'm sure there are many of us who would love to see photos and get more info on these historical brushes. Best to start a new thread though.
  3. That's why I asked. I love oosb! I have a couple not listed there. Would you like me to mention you in the threads I Post vintage photos if you don't have them at OOSB? So they show up in your Alerts?
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    That works, thanks Clay.
  5. Thanks for the information and the link. I ran across another one so now I have one for each of my sets.

    2018-08-14 19.56.37.jpg
  6. Yep!

    On the militaria forum I'm on, these pop up any time a GI shave kit is shown..I snagged one to go with my bakelite models..I'm looking for a case now too!

    How you like the horse hair?
  7. Rubberset RC100

    I just acquired this last week. It's not on Jim's OSSB site, so I passed these photos on to him as well. I'm looking forward to restoring it and putting it in the brush rotation.

  8. Picked up this 507. Interesting lucite piece. It says Genuine Rubberset on the front and Badger and Bristle on the back. I'm guessing that's a mixed knot. I can't quite tell if its seen use. I've lathered it a few times and it is an odd splayer. It's not worn to a nub, so I'm guessing not much use.

    Looks to me to be a 20mm knot (no calipers), about 51mm loft. This may be my next restore.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. i see where " knot" comes from
    so cool!
  10. Looking for info on a Rubberset Brush i recently bought. Have no idea about it. I don't think its a shave brush but maybe a stencil brush.
  11. I’m about to re knot a 200-3 buff the handle and repaint the text on the black Ferrule .

    Is the Ferrule in the alberite material buff wheel -able or should I tape it off so the buffer does not damage it?

    Wisdom welcome

  12. Mine feels like hard rubber, but I haven't done the usual tests to confirm that it is. I would err on the side of caution and tape of the ferrule.

    I like my 200-3 a lot. I added a bit of weight to it by putting a couple of coins in it. The handle shape is great either way.
  13. Boarderboss, thanks for the reply. i did tape up the black ferrule for my sanding progression 600/1000/1500/2000/2500 on the faux ivory (definitely cellulose as it smelled of camphor / vabe-o-rub) and not fetid formaldehyde (bakelite)
    prior to using white buff compound on a wheel.
    i DID carefully buff but not sand the black ferrule a bit and it looks beautiful, like "wet" black. i did not buff the rubberset text etching area yet. Im running to the hobby store right now to get a 0.5-0.8mm white paint pen at the hobby store.
    i agree, its some form of hard rubber. i think the rubberset company called it Alberite? glad i did not sand it.

    i did fill the handle with epoxy putty for weight and balance. nice a heavy now.
    strange white brittle material that the base of the knot sets on. like plaster? i simply shaved a big enough hole in it with an exacto knife on center to facilitate epoxy putty rat turds that i filled the handle with.
    not sure what material it was?
    what year did the 200-3 get made? any idea?

    and oh yeah....cant wait for the 24mm two row finest knot to arrive and be set. feels so very right in my hands.
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    I thought I would add to the thread as it has seemingly come back to life.
    (L to R) 49-4, 200-4, 200-2, 300-2, Albright, Albright, Rubberset

    (L to R) Rubberset, Gillette Travel Brush-1, Gillette Travel Brush-2, Gillette Travel Brush-3, 500N

    EFB3C245-DEF1-4D44-AA1F-A1DACD7C79A2.jpeg F09D257D-3842-461D-A2A7-00EF058225BC.jpeg 0FE4C810-B19B-44AB-8815-1708BB4AE4EE.jpeg A411BFF0-EF03-415E-A865-F57CA20DFAC2.jpeg 44865818-FCCB-4B0A-9EE1-1B4DE495301D.jpeg 4C644034-F531-4E74-9145-CCAD13F9FFD1.jpeg
    Note each handle is different shape and finish does vary. I still have the rest of the one without the knot(knot & knot-ring)

    The bottom of this brush(most likely restored or reknotted) has the Rubberset circle, pictured in the next post.
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    (L to R)No. 2, No. 1, No. 3, Rubberset with Celluloid Handle

    510T without the traveling case(wasn’t available)
  16. I'm glad it worked out. Please start a thread with photos when it's complete.

    I don't know dates on these unfortunately.
  17. Here's my addition.

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    Get her sanded and polished up, are you going to reknot her if so Larry at whipped dog has boar knots. They are 24mm hole that's what I put in all of mine, yours should polish up nice as it dont look to have a lot of dings to it and we need to see finished pics we all love pictures....
  19. That's the plan. To be honest, my wife likes that brush more than I do. My plan is the usual sand/polish/re-knot to stock.

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