Rubberset model numbers - Post your numbers here

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Funny thing is, I had never seen one of these brushes before I found this one a couple of weeks ago, and then this weekend I saw 2 more just like it at 2 different flea markets. It's too bad that there aren't more information on brushes.
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    I think BSAGuy said it best here:

    "There were scores, or even hundreds, of millions of brushes made over the decades. They were not high end items nor especially valuable, nor was there ever ANY thought that perhaps in the far, far future, there would be a community of total freaks that would be interested in collecting them or in production minutiae.

    Best reference would probably be manufacturer's or distributor's catalogs, but again, these documents were largely tossed every year for good reason when the newest edition was published."
  2. Yes, it's crazy what some people will collect. :lol:

  3. ...
  4. Is there a chart somewhere that tells what years the model numbers were made, a dating chart for Rubberset?
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    Unfortunately, no. Unlike razors of the day very few catalogs or any other record of model numbers have survived to this day. These were considered utilitarian, consumable and ultimately disposable. As such no attempt was made to pass this info down to crazy folks who might be interested in them generations later.
  6. Thanks Jim, that's about what I thought.
  7. What about the 49-5?

    100_2184.JPG 100_2187.JPG
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    Attached is a Rubberset store display or salesman sample from their former offices in Gravenhurst, Ontario Canada. It should be in my hot little hands in a week.

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    The 5 on this model (or any other Rubberset model for that matter) was larger and far more rare.
  10. So, it was the largest of the '49's, but made in fewer numbers? Or more rare because fewer survived?
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    Fewer made.
  12. Thanks Jim! :thumbsup:
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    Awesome, I learn something new every time I check in.
  14. Where'd you find THAT, Jim?!
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    Hey Dan, really good to see you around these parts again. I found it on eBay with a buy-it-now. Too unique for me to pass up. It still hasn't arrived yet but hopefully any day now.
  16. It's good to be back - sorta!
  17. For anyone who's interested in such things, I have two 49-5's that I'm working on, and there are differences between the two.

    One has course threads, and the other fine.

    100_2245.JPG 100_2246.JPG

    Also, the one with course threads has no brass band around the knot, and the one with fine threads has the band.

    This is the one with the band.

    100_2230.JPG 100_2234.JPG

    In the early ads they bragged about the metal band, later ads don't mention the band, so I guess I have an early and a later one, but I really can't put a date on either one unfortunately.

    This ad is from Jim's site, thanks Jim! :thumbsup:

    rubberset ad 1907_4.JPG
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    Unique Rubberset brush.

    rubberset knight.jpg
  19. Unique like Bigfoot, the white whale, and a herd of unicorns in the backyard!

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