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    Thanks, missed this part from Gareth.
    To me it's unacceptable that they sold the 6S for 100$ for a SS razor made in the US while the Model T will be sold 200$, for a zamak razor made in China.
    This is totally overpriced compared to current market (again I'm thinking about the REX razor). Do you have any other example of a zamak razor made in China at such a price ? I really don't ... not even at 100$.
    Their 6C made in China (probably from the same manufacturer) is not quality (many issues reported when screwing the handle, paint wear-off on gunmetal finish) but at least it's sold at a fair price.
    Seems like they moved their production to decrease quality and increase prices.
    Many customers like me ordered it as the 6S was such a good deal. I now have a very bad image of this company. To me everything with this model T is a fail: crazy delay, change of material (at customer full disadvantage), bad communication and change of production location (again at customer disadvantage).
    What's next ? Will Yaqi design and make 200$ brushes for them ?
    I apology for this blow of mouth, I am so mad at such practices. Hope at least it will shave decently.
  1. If you have been on the forums for over 7 years, you know about the past problems with RE
  2. Think they dropped the ball on this. We have all moved on at this point.

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  3. I understand your frustration.
    The 6s is probably my favorite DE and I use it more often than I use my Wolfmans. It shaves me better. After they move their production I won't be able to recommend it anymore. For now, it's a great deal.
  4. I do not own any Rockwell razors but may have considered but will no longer consider the 6s. Between the reports of recent quality issues where Rockwell blades did not fit on the 6s razors in their gift sets and everything related to the Model T, Rockwell is not a company I want to purchase from. It appears that they have taken the low road by outsourcing to China, cheapening their product from stainless steel to zamac, and keeping crowd funds for far too long. There are too many good products and companies with readily available products (Above the Tie, Blackland, Karve, Timeless and a host of others).
  5. Rockwell stumbled again, not sure if they can get back up.
  6. I have a 6C and love it. I was considering a 6S, but will spend my money elsewhere now. Their brush isn’t bad, but other synth brushes can be had cheaper. I have their cream, which works well but the post shave is not great. For the price, I can get much better cream/soap. It is unlikely I will purchase from Rockwell again.

  7. Please review my post, I thought I covered that point or am I confused?

    What it seems is that they raised $757 on Indiegogo for their Indiegogo campaigns of which $619 was for the Model T. On Kickstarter they raised an additional $393 for the Model T. It looks to me like they raised over $1 million for the Model T.

  8. For those who have received a Rockwell razor, does the package or the razor say where it was made?
  9. It's made in the USA currently, yes.
  10. The Rockwell 6 S (version 2) is my desert island razor. It beats my Timeless, Barbaros, Fatboy, Guerilla and Wolfman razor.
  11. What is confusing is that the numbers quoted on IGG are not just funds raised on IGG but reflect the total raised on both KS and IGG. So the 619K figure quoted on IGG includes ALL funds raised on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo for the Model T. You can tell this by looking at the number of backers: there are 4,024 Kickstarter backers, each of whom pledged either $79, $89 or $99 depending on the date of their pledge. This accounts for the 393K in KS funding. Then there are an additional 2,281 Indiegogo backers, at $99 each, which makes up the balance of the 619K.
  12. Is part of the problem people not understanding what the point of a kickstarter campaign is, and what you’re actually doing when you make a pledge?

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  13. Yes, it's part of the problem.
  14. Thanks! I appreciate the time and effort you took to explain this. You straightened this out and I'm obliged.
  15. The recent packaging for the 6S says "Made in China", but it's actually still made in the USA. I guess someone jumped the gun with switching to the new packaging.

    All the recent rumours about the shift to Chinese production are what made me finally decide to order a 6S (arriving this week). It seems like a great razor right now, but who knows what will happen in the future with such a major change in production.
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    I remember reading some threads that Gareth from Rockwell had stated to some customer email that their move to China was to avail of better technology and upgraded facilities for MIM compare to their local USA facilities. He also stated that the volume output would be better as they faced challenge in volume production. The move apparently was promoted by good to excellent results with the 6C made in china razors which met all technical specifications.

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  17. It's certainly possible for a company to move production overseas and still maintain a quality products long as the company has stringent quality control standards. To me it's disappointing they are making be this move but there's no reason to think they can't or won't maintain the quality of their product.
  18. We'll just have to see I guess.
    A shaver who has a made in the USA 6s version will be hesitant to recommend it when they move their production.
    Unfortunately, the model T project was a failure in many aspects as I see it and we all have second thoughts about the company. If it were a success from the beginning and backers didn't have to wait for years, our discussion here would be pointless.
  19. Rockwell has posted a new KS update on the Model T. If you haven't seen it, the gist is that Rockwell is saying that all Kickstarter pledges will be fulfilled "before the end of the year". I am not a IGG backer so I haven't seen the IGG update, but reportedly IGG backers are being given the same schedule, i.e. pledges will all be fulfilled by the end of December. Rockwell states that they have shipped out "nearly" 1,000 units so far; by my count that leaves more than 5,000 razors to be delivered in just more than three months. I hope for the sake of all fellow backers that this ambitious delivery schedule comes true.

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