Rockwell Model T is in!!

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    Surprise delivery yesterday! The razor I have been waiting a year and a half for finally arrived - the Rockwell Model T. I am quite surprised I have not seen any mention of this razor lately...obviously they are being shipped...

    I was a KS backer in the 700's. I actually expected to be notified that delivery was coming, but happy anyway.

    2-days growth...I decided to throw a Kai in and start on 3 of 6. Used CRSW Glide for maximum cushion, not knowing what I was up against. Glad I did! Lots of blade-feel with this bad boy!!

    First 2 passes were efficient, but I took special care, feeling the blade quite a bit...not what I'd consider comfortable, but not unacceptable.

    I thought maybe it was the blade, so for the final pass, I threw in my go-to PermaSharp and cranked it to 6. The ATG result was BBS. Had a few nicks, but I can't completely blame the razor, since it was my first voyage and was playing around with settings, angle, blades, etc.

    All in all, I'm going to keep it for a while, at least, testing it out. I also got the Parthenon adjustable...that one I will probably pif...the Model T is superior.

    15 hours later and still BBS.
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  1. Wow!!!! Nothing???

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  2. Looks like you're the first one to have received it :)
  3. Have you already used the 6s to compare? It's one of my favorite razors.
  4. I'm interested in more feedback & reviews. Particularly on smoothness & comfortableness during the shave. The 6s is known for extreme comfort & smoothness & has made a reputation for being a quality shaver. Hope the Model T carries on the same level of smoothness & comfort.
  5. I have the 6S. It would be my desert island razor, for sure.

    I’m giving the Model T a fair shot. It’s got quite a bit to prove against its older brother the 6S.

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  6. Well, you have to be realistic here. The reviews have been far and few in between among the shave forums. They’ve been as rare as someone seeing Bigfoot riding a Unicorn in front of the White House. Just not enough have been circulating and getting out to customers. Give it time, they’ll come in.....
  7. I'm also a backer in the 700s, but I haven't seen hide nor hair of my Model T. I did get an email for shipping address confirmation a while back, but I assume that is robo-mail and not necessarily an indication that shipping is imminent. If I could ask, how long between your shipping address confirmation email and receipt of you Model T?

    I'm certainly glad to hear that you're finding the razor at least decent, as so far among the few reviews posted, several have been pretty negative.
  8. Any similar adjustable to compare it too beyond the 6s? Such as a Gibbs, Fatboy, Variant, Mergress, Futur, or Rex?
  9. It's weird not seeing the centre bar at all when the doors are closed.

  10. I’ve had a Mergress and have the Variant. The only similarity I see is that the adjustments don’t click, but are the full spectrum of 1-6.

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  11. Funny thing is that it just arrived...never got address verification.

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  12. I meant more shave-wise how does it compare to any of those? Sorry :001_tongu
  13. Hard to really say after one shave.

    Mergress and Variant are similar in some respect, shave-wise. This one, given the blade feel, is very different. Maybe on the scale of a Futur.

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  14. Ooh. Going from 4.5 to 3.5 on the fly for WTG and ATG sounds fantastic. If the shave offered is identical to the 6S.
  15. IMO it’s completely different from the 6S. For me, I can barely feel the blade in the 6S. The Model T is ALL blade.

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  16. CONGRATULATIONS!! :a14::a14:
  17. I was eyeing this before I bought the 6c recently, from what I heard they will be ready for sale in August?

    It does Look very impressive indeed but I couldn’t justify spending so much on a razor, $250 to get them in Australia I think

    I look forward hearing more reviews as these come out..

    Anyway congrats on your razor and happy shaved :)
  18. Rockwell imo really shot themselves in the foot with the Model T. It took them way too long & meanwhile costumers became disgruntled. Finally the finished product is released and it ends up being a 200$ Zamac razor. Ouch.

    Hope you enjoy it though!
  19. Yeah, especially when you can get the Rex for $212 using razoremporium's 15% off.
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