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    Second Model T shave today (my replacement for the flawed first one). I am usually an every other day shaver, but I decided to shave again this morning.

    Lathered up with Valobra, had a nice 3-pass BBS shave. Still quite a bit of blade feel above 3.5. I lowered it to 2 and the blade was barely making contact with my skin. I did crank it up to 6 for touch ups that were very effective and did not get one nick.

    Good for now...
  1. There is a new update on the Model T out from Rockwell. If you're a backer, you've probably seen it, but here's the gist:
    They have gone to the one-piece T bar, and as of today have assembled and shipped 250 razors using this new part. They report that they need to "get feedback" on these razors from backers and, if the feedback is good, they will then commission the manufacture of the remaining one-piece T bars, import them, assemble the razors, and then ship them to backers. As usual, they provide no estimate as to how long all this will take. They trumpeted having shipped out the 250 razors like it was some huge accomplishment, but the reality is this is a drop in the bucket in terms of their obligation to backers.

    The bottom line is that Rockwell has over 6,000 Model T pledges to fulfill. Unless they can scale up production, big time, this is going to take a long while. If you are one of the lucky backers on the list for the 250 currently in transit, good on you. Otherwise, don't hold your breath.
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    They are shipping out around 4.16% of their commitment, with trial parts? With the program being way behind schedule already, I can see where financial backers might be unhappy.
  3. Yes. It has been nearly two and a half years since the project was funded, to the tune of $620,000, which is more than twelve times the original funding goal of the KS campaign.
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    I don't care about adjustables anymore. Yes I am one of the backers.

    I also was a member of the group buy on another forum for the Rex ambassador. Blade alignment issues and today it's exactly one month since it is sitting on some shelf in Razor emporium waiting for spares !

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    I ordered the gunmetal version of the T and expect that sometime within 3 years of my pledge. My belief is that, if the move forward with production, most of the kinks will have been ironed out once they get around to the off-color razors.
  6. That’s my thinking as well—I’ve got a brushed Chrome one coming... at some point.
  7. I ordered two of the Gunmetal colors (one for me and and second for one of my brothers) back in May when they were still selling them for $99.00 each and i had a 10% off coupon which made it an even better deal. As I have read the whole thread, it seems like I will not be getting my razor until sometime in 2019. For me, this is OK, as I have 40+ razors to shave with so I am not in any kind of a bind, but this story kind of stinks for the original kick starter backers of this razor.
    I was excited to back this a few years ago when it was supposed to be an all stainless steel adjustable razor. At this point, this has to be a hell of a razor to entice new buyers to pay almost $200 to own it. Zamak parts an all, this should be at most a $100 razor. Most importantly it has to shave well. If it is as good as some early users say it is, I have no problems having paid almost $90 for it and waiting for a while.
  8. This is my thought process too!
    Ordered the gunmetal in April with a discount code. Have other excellent razors even a Rex Ambassador coming in a week. I’m content to wait as it’s not required urgently and all. If I backed it years ago I’d be annoyed for sure but I have jumped in late and feel for those who have been waiting a long time.
  9. I really like the fact that Rockwell is taking time to get the razor right, even if it means that they're slow on delivery. It shows that their focus is on quality, not just cranking out product. (Aside from which, most of us here already have a decent razor to keep up shaved in the meantime.)

    But patience can turn to impatience, and impatience to antipathy. That's what happened to me. I remember when the delivery date was March '18. Now, it's September, and - at the present speed of production - the holidays is a more likely goal.

    I believe that rosy projections and upbeat customer service are Rockwell's only defense at this point. What's the option - give brazenly realistic projections? I doubt it. I succumbed to antipathy when Rockwell said that their Indigogo razors will take even longer to deliver than expected. I cancelled my order, and received my refund.
  10. I have to respectfully disagree. What the two and a half year delay shows is incompetence or, worse, malfeasance. Rockwell has 620K of our money but they apparently either don't know how or are unwilling to spend enough of it on professional, timely design and the development of manufacturing capacity to produce that design. Any reasonably competent manufacturer, given this funding, could have long ago put an excellent razor into production. It makes one wonder what has become of all the money.
    Sorry, but I have to differ on this point as well. I, for one, would appreciate some actual honesty from these guys. I would have far more respect for a forthright assessment, even if it's ugly, than the totally disingenuous "updates" we keep getting. The fact that they are completely unwilling to be straight about the true progress of this campaign is starting to smell fishy.
  11. In my opinion, if their focus would be on quality they should deliver a stainless razor, as promised. Not zamak.
    • The comments by Spang and VerbaVolant alight on a touchy issue: over time, Rockwell has - certainly not malignantly - changed the release dates and some of the materials in what we'd initially hoped would be a 100% steel razor. I'm not so bothered about the zamak (though I probably should). But, in the interest of "getting it right," the Model T campaign ruffled a lot of feathers. Mine included.
    That said, the initial reviews of the "T-bar" Model T are extremely promising. Personally, I'm satisfied with my current roster of razors: a 1949 British Aristocrat and Aristocrat Junior...and a Rockwell 6S. I don't think I'll need a Model T, after all.
  12. I'm a bit confused. I went to the Kickstarter page and it says that they raised $393,407 and on the Indiegogo page says they raised $619,226 for the Model T.

    But if you click the "More" button on the Indiegogo page it says that they raised $757,970.

    I can't tell, but is it the case that on the Model T they raised $393,407 on Kickstarter and $619,229 for a total of $1,012,636?

    Am I right that on their various Indiegogo campaigns they raised $757,970 but the total for the Model T is actually $1,012,636?
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    Better hope the Rex ambassador comes in right the first time. I bought mine in a group buy and had blade alignment issues. It's sent back and sitting in Razor emporium for the last one month awaiting spares ! So much for a $$$ razor and support !

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  14. I am one of the very disappointed backer.
    On a french forum (and I give them full credit), one member posted the below pic:[​IMG]

    Let's take a closer look now:

    Is this razor seriously made in China ????
    Rockwell also said they have had delays with customs, so it's more than plausible.
    All in all, here is a company who asks for 200$ for a zamak razor made in China.
    I feel ripped-off, no matter I paid 100$ for it, it should be in the same league as Parthenon or Viking Adjustable.
    I will never ever back this company amore.
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  15. Yet, every other thread or post concerning Matt is he has the best razor and customer service in the industry!!
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    All I can say Rockwell's customer service has been amazing and lightening fast for a 50$ 6C razor than Razor Emporium 181$ razor.

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  17. No, the 757K figure on IGG is the total raised by two separate Rockwell campaigns; the 6C and the Model T. It includes funds raised in both campaigns on both KS and IGG. The Model Tfunding consists of 619K of that; again that is the sum total of both the KS and IGG funds raised.
  18. All their zamak models( this, 6c and 2c) are made in China.
    Their ss model, Rockwell 6s, will be made in China as well at some point, they're moving their production.
    A simple announcement is to be expected.
    This was said by Gareth himself.

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