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    Rockwell has always been great with customer service once you get the product though, to make up for the production issues.

    My 6S was problematic out of the box (to the point of being literally unusable) but it was all sorted out in record time.
  1. I think that if they can hang in there for a while longer, the bad PR from their problems in developing the Model T will fade away. After all, they have now apparently succeeded in designing and manufacturing a TTO butterfly adjustable that works well. I don't believe anyone else has done that. Even Gillette had plenty of problems in doing it originally, but could easily afford false starts, both financially and any loss of reputation. In the case of the Toggle, they had to pull a model altogether after a brief time on the market because they couldn't get it to work reliably. Now an artisan maker is trying to reintroduce the Toggle for $500 or $600, and it remains to be seen if he can make it happen. So I wouldn't be too hard on Rockwell.
  2. Here's hoping you're more right than not. As noted, the final product may not be the problem. It's the production and propaganda that might be that which bites them. They seem to have failed to learn the lesson that every politician now knows ... it's not the "misstep" that does them in. It's the failure to come clean in a timely way.

    People will forgive an honest mistake. People are less forgiving of chronic excuses and lying. And it's that latter issue that the Rockwell twins are guilty of. Credibility and reputation are hard to build, easy to destroy.

    "Oh, just one more month ... "

    btw, like the IRS ... no interest being paid to payers on the $$$ they've had all these ... year(s).

    Uh huh.
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    completely agree, and I've had this conversation with employees. it's better to own up to a mistake than to cover it up. The updates were over a year of "we'll have it in your hands really soon." It was 3 months shy of 3 full years of waiting from my initial pledge. The razor is definitely worth the amount of my pledge (and more), but the disingenuous updates were tiresome.
  4. Exactly, the original razor was supposed to be plated brass. When they changed the doors to zamac I opted out. I'm glad I did. I have nothing against zamac, but it wasn't what I signed up for. I wouldn't call it a bait and switch, they gave plenty of notice and they offered refunds, and my refund was provided quickly and with no questions asked.

    The discussion about a stainless steel razor was just that, a discussion only and something the company was considering. They never promised a stainless steel razor.

    While I understand that people are unhappy about the delay, the Rex took a very long time to come to market and the Janus stainless toggle seems to be taking a fair amount of time as well. The engineering of these things appears to be way more complicated than people think and bringing one of these razors to market seems to take a surprising amount of time.

    It happens I own a stainless Tradere, a cobalt steel Darwin, a stainless Evolution and a brass Karve. All are brilliant razors. I'm delighted with them knowing that there is no plating to be concerned about. That having been said, my Aristocrat Juniors and my Rocket HD 500's are nickel plated brass and they've proven to be favorites as well.

    While I decided to not own a Rockwell, all my dealings with Rockwell were great. Their products seem to be well thought of so I hope the delay with the Model T doesn't diminish their reputation which is a good one.
  5. Briefly ...
    1. Comparing this to Rex, Janus, etc. diverts from the issue and is inconsequential beyond attempting to draw a comparison where none is needed nor beneficial. Reminds me of the renowned Tom Peters ("In Search of Excellence" and other best-selling business tomes) when he discussed one of his clients attempting to rationalize and justify their failures by comparing their flops to those of competitors. Peters quipped, "How'd you like to have as your business motto ... 'We're no worse than anyone else'?"

    Or maybe ... we're no better, either. And furthermore, we fib to you.

    2. To be clear, Rockwell's concern is not about the quality of a razor. The quality question remains open.

    3. As the jailer said in "Cool Hand Luke" ... it's about "a failure to communicate." And that failure has been chronic, consistently misleading, and apparently intentional.

    There is no question this situation has diminished Rockwell's reputation. In a niche, increasingly saturated, highly competitive market place, one's corporate image goes beyond a product(s) that is highly dependent upon perception, word of mouth endorsement, and personal preference.

    In sum, much of any damage done or forthcoming could have been diminished with genuine communication. For whatever reason, they chose to exacerbate that.

    Every day there are growing numbers of razors to be had.
  6. I think that’s a big claim.

    I’ve been involved in bringing products to market, and the saying that “the final 10% of the project takes 90% of the time” is not an exaggeration.

    It perpetually seems that the last problems are about to be resolved and the product will be ready. It’s often “weeks from release” for years.

    As you get experience with projects, this becomes less of an issue. That’s why experienced project managers are worth a fortune.

    I think Rockwell just has an inexperienced team, rather than being wilfully deceptive. I’m sure they truly believed every aggressive delivery date they communicated.
  7. Yes, well, PR is an art, especially in the e-commerce age when customers expect constant updates. I'm not saying Rockwell didn't make mistakes here, but lying? Probably more like wishful thinking and relying too much on over-optimistic forecasts from suppliers about what they were capable of doing, how much it would cost and how fast they were capable of doing it. That's the downside of being a small player who cannot afford to fund a major new project with his own capital, instead relying on investors who invariably get impatient when someone else has their money and isn't bring the new product to market anywhere near the preliminary launch date. I understand that impatience, but as I said, nobody else has introduced a TTO butterfly adjustable, and I think we now know why.
  8. I agree ... the PR performance has been at least amateurish, if not more. Or is it less?

    How long has Rockwell been doing business?

    There is only one way you could be "sure" of what the team believed as they consistently missed their delivery promises.

    When a business ... Rockwell is a serious business? ... takes real $$$ from more than a few customers, in advance of product delivery. Well, hey, it's only a $hundred bucks, right ... and a few $thousand collectively. And what's a year or so anyway. No big deal. And they're just boys. None of their investors went unshaven anyway. ;)
  9. If you’re outraged by Rockwell’s over-promising, then I’d make sure you never ever go anywhere near Silicon Valley. Your head will explode.

    Rockwell’s current issues are absolutely small-time compared to what I’m used to.

    At least their product exists, they have actual staff, actual production contracts, and had the intent to use customer money to deliver the product, rather than string things along until they were acquired. That puts them well above most other startups.

    Rockwell seems like a bunch of good guys who bit off more than they could chew, and struggled hard to deliver their product. Sure, that may be frustrating, but in terms of the startup world in general, it’s positively virtuous.

  10. No "outrage". Your perception. Not reality. Just calling this what it is. Hey you're a nice fella. I'd like to be your banker, investment counselor, or plastic surgeon. Really. I'm a nice guy, too. And I try really hard. And not used to dealing with big-time players. Actually. ;)

    So Rockwell's just a start-up? Wow. Did not realize that. Are they looking for investors? When does entrepreneurial dabbling transition into real business?
  11. You speak the truth there, my friend. And not just as to Silicon Valley. More generally, it is a fundamental truth that investment is never without risk. Here, if Rockwell's investors got a good adjustable razor for $100 after three years, I'd say that isn't quite like winning the lottery, but nor is it a total catastrophe. We'll see if another company can produce a better adjustable tto razor in less time and/or at a lower price.
  12. Long time reader, long time lurker mainly due to not actually having to shave that much.

    Anyhow my Mode T arrived yes staying to much surprise. I had confirmed my address 2 weeks ago and expected tracking info. Nope. No email. But that’s a minor quibble.

    Anyhow the stand and blade sheath I got are all great and the packaging is very nice. I wouldn’t go as far as to say luxury, but for $99 it’s pretty good. The only downside was the extra $30 tax and handling charges I had to pay, although Rockwell say they will reimburse these.

    The disappointment is that the lower bar on the head on one side is quite poorly finished with casting bumps (the other side is very nice), and the head has a number of scratches in the brushed chrome finish.

    So far I’m awaiting Rockwell to come back with advice on what to do, I would like to test the razor.

    I’m in two minds, the first is that it’s been almost 3 years and Rockwell have maintained that the delays are due to quality control. To have a brand new razor with casting imperfections and scratches just isn’t good.

    The second is that, problems will always crop up. It’s how a company deals with them that is the test.

    So we’ll see what happens over the next few days as Rockwell day they aim to come back to their enquires with in 48 hours and I sent and email with pictures and receipt for the tax yesterday morning (UK time).
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    I'm certain they'll replace it if there are issues with the finish. The finish on my Model T is flawless.

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