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🐽 🐷 🐖 🐗 DecemBOAR 2023!!! Only Boar Brushes for all of December! 🐽 🐷 🐖 🐗

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I've been remiss in that I haven't reported my Hog-enabled shaves this month. So, I'll summarize. I shaved only ten times in the 31 days, all with one of these two sets:
iPhone Photos 12-18-23 337.JPG
iPhone Photos 12-18-23 339.JPG

The two Omega brushes, 10049 and Shave Club Omega, lathered the Shannon's soap easily, and I had consistently good results despite a few hurried efforts. I used Red Personna blades for all but the last two efforts, a Gillette Super Platinum and a Nacet handling those very capably. Razors are a Yates 921-M and an ATT Windsor Regular/Medium. I also have a hybrid OC/SB plate for the Yates, and that plate saw duty whenever I had 3 days' growth (OC on first pass, SB for 2nd and beyond). It's great in that way.

Happy New Year to all on B&B!
Almost midnight on the best coast. It's a work day today and tomorrow for the LOTH, so we had a quiet evening and I took time for a slow, contemplative shave.

Vintage barber style dubl duck boar

The shave was contemplative, vintage, and complicated by shave testing two newly honed SRs.

First outing for my Gillette New Improved Tuckaway in an opulent gold finish.

Vintage 'tallow bomb' Colgate soap is quite opulent, too.

Thank you all and Happy New Year!!
That was a great month! Thank you to @SharpieB and everyone else who participated and made this the best DecemBOAR to date. I personally picked up my first 2 Mistura’s (Butterscotch @ a RV). I also picked up my first Zenith (Chubby Scrubby).
I’m wrapping up DecemBOAR this morning Jan 1st with the shave I was supposed to have last night, but alcohol had other plans 😒.

Finally, boars aren’t just for DecemBOAR, don’t forget to keep posting in the Brotherhood of the Boar! Have a great year everyone👍

Omega Jade
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LOL. Funny how excited we get over a $30 brush! LOL. Like kids at Christmas.

Of course, a Zenith boar is a great value even at $100 IMO as they are killer brushe

folks, we have a winner…..

@Steel2It was #54 which was the random number drawn. I will PM you momentarily with additional details. Congrats!

Thank you all for participating. It was a blast as usual!


What a great way to start off the new year. Congrats @Steel2It
Thanks, all, but I'm passing my winnings on to someone in greater need. I have more brushes than I can justify as is.

Hogs forever!

Thank you for allowing someone else the chance. I ran the number generator again and #54 @Steel2It won again (seriously! LOL). I ran it a final time and the lucky winner is…

#50 @Guido75 !!!

Congrats! Please look for my PM so I can get your brush ordered!
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