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GIVEAWAY! Two Starter Brushes - Boar and Synthetic

I've benefitted so much from this community, I wanted to try and give a little back.

As I've explored shaving brushes, I've had some hits and misses. These two brushes are just not my cup of tea, but I'm hopeful that someone in these forums will enjoy and get good use from them. They would be great for someone looking to try something new.

On the left is the popular Omega 10049 pure boar bristle. On the right is the Yaqi Sagrada Familia Tuxedo synthetic (with a factory "defect," though I can't find it). Each has been used only five times or fewer.


Let me know if you are in, and I will select a winner around March 25. CONUS only, please.
Respectfully - Not In
That Omega is not even close to being broken in yet.

My advice to whoever wins this PIF - Build about a dozen test lathers to give the ends a chance to split.
Having 2 10049s myself (Red + Black), a Pro48, Omega Proraso, and the Connaught Jade - I can attest that it is a good brush
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