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🐽🐷🐗🐖🥓 FeBOARary 2024 - 29 days to leap back into BOAR brushes 🥓🐖🐗🐷🐽

Hey everyone, didn't see anything for February after BADGERary just ended. This was spur of the moment and no idea if anyone will take part. My love for BOAR figured this was a good time to use some more of the boars I didn't get a chance to fully enjoy back in DecemBOAR. No need to sign up this is just for fun. 29 days of bacon flavored pork tenderness!!!
FeBOARary 1st (Thursday)

Timeless Slim .50 OC matte finish with polished scalloped top cap and polished RR Haloed UFO handle
Personna Lab Blues blade - ✨✨✨ BRAND NEW ✨✨✨
Semogue Galahad boar
Barrister and Mann's Red Letter Day
PAA Cube 2.0 mentholated pre-shave
Duke Cannon Ice Cold AS Balm


First shave with a boar in over a month and this Semogue Galahad is not one of my favorite boars but it is one of my first boars in honor of the first boar of the month. It's low in scritchy and way too floppy but it lathered like a champ. First the PAA Cube and it lathered so nicely, I was going to forego the B&M and just shave with the pre-shave soap, but for the first day I want to commit to what I planned on. The Red Letter Day I didn't expect the soap to be brown colored, based on the red/pink coloring letters on a white background I was expecting white/tan or even a pinkish colored soap, but BROWN??? Anyways I can't tell what scent it was but pleasant nonetheless. The Timeless Slim in Ti was a nice pleasant shave that I should be using more. It's been months since my last time. Definite BBS shave with no cuts or irritation. Welcome back to FeBOARary
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While I like a good boar brush, I like badgers even more, so it's a bit too close to DecemBOAR to commit to a whole month. I'll be happy to post a few times throughout the month, though.
Yeah no commitment at all, this is pretty relaxed. Anyone can come and go and post their boartastik boar brushes for the next 29 days!!!
FeBOARary 2nd 2024 (Friday)

Razorock Lupo 127 w Super Knurl handle
Van Yulay Broken Roses
Omega 10005 boar
PAA Cube 2.0 pre shave
Alcolado Glacial AS


Decided to use the Omega 10005 boar since I only used it once before at the tail end of DecemBOAR. Not broken in and I hope it stays that way😂. Speaking about broken, I'm using Van Yulay's Broken Roses soap. Not quite as nice as POMP or La Rosa Profunda but not all rose scented soaps are made equally. Used my Lupo 127 today with an old Lab Blues blade. No drama with a 1 1/2 pass shave for BBS results. Used the Alcolado Glacial AS and not a fan of the scent (strong medicinal scent) but like the skin reaction it brings. Slight redness on neck from the Lupo though. I'm sure it's more to do with not normally shaving every day since I'm usually an every other day or every third day shaver. Should be interesting to see how this goes this month as I'll be trying for the first time in probably forever of shaving every day this month, unless I get abducted or something😂😂😂
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FeBOARary 4th 2024 (Sunday)

Wolfman Bronze WR1 1.20 OC / 1.25 SB w/ Darwin handle
Vielong boar
Mike's Natural Cedar & Rose
Duke Cannon Ice Cold AS


First things first. I think at this point everyone needs to at least try a Wolfman razor at least once. These are such good razors I can't believe it took w years to justify the cost but the cost is clearly worth it. Considering my first DE razors were the cheap Parker butterfly style razors back in the 90s, is like comparing a Ford Pinto to a Mercedes, Audi or Porsche. Also think about this, we all spotter of had the idea about Charcoal Goods and now they're gone. At least try one before there is no more Wolfman.

The Vielong brush was an add-on or freebie in one of my BST purchases on B&B. Very nice scritch for the very lofty and floppy nature of the bristles. The Cedar & Rose never disappoints. The Wolfman WR1 with this gap it just melts away the stubble. No regrets going this big and when my name comes up again maybe go bigger still like 1.50 OC. Kind of wish James would allow extra baseplates when buying a razor as Is like to try a few gargantuan gapped plates on both the WR2 and WR1.

EDIT: It's Dr. Jon's not Mike's Naturals. I get them mixed up.
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