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INFO! 2024 Rudy Vey B&B GROUP BUY!!

As of Tuesday this week, Rudy let me know he placed the order for the badger brushes from Shavemac and is going to be calling them for an eta on shipping. The Shavemac brushes have to be tied and shipped to the US.

Handles for the Semogue knots are done and at the engraver. Synthetic handles are being turned with badger handles next.

Rudy’s estimate is a 4 week turnaround from order placed to shipment. Hand tied knots that are borderline perfection take time! Should be about 3 more weeks at this point. Rudy is hopeful that shavemac can get the knots out sooner though. We will update further when Rudy gets from Bernd for sure.😃👍

@gpjoe I’m right there with you, patience is hard! I heard something somewhere about it being a virtue or something like that? And apparently those aren’t easy?!? 😂😂

@Rudy Vey please correct any of my mistakes above. 😃👍

Have a great day y’all! 😎
Update from Mr. Vey!

The knots from Shavemac are being worked on currently! Probably, tentatively..., shipping mid-end of next week from Germany.

Once they arrive Rudy will make the handles for those Badger knots as there are slight deviations between them. Dang we are all getting custom made brushes at a price point that can’t be beat!!

Synthetic, Mistura, Boar, and Two-band silvertip fan brushes are done, just waiting the arrival of the remaining knots!

If everything goes according to plan, Rudy is hopeful to have these all completed and shipped out mid May. Which at 6 weeks would be a record turnaround time for a group buy of this size!! 🤩🤩

Now for a few pictures!! 🤩🤯😍


Thank you all for making this a success so far! I cannot wait for y’all to get your brushes!! Thank you @Rudy Vey for all of the hard work you’ve done and still have to do! 🤙😃👍

Have an amazing day y’all! 😎🤙
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