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式 式 式 BADGERary 2024!!! Only Badger Brushes for all of January!!! 式 式 式

Get ready for B&Bs SECOND Annual BADGERary!!!

Yes, I am AGAIN milking the annual success of DecemBOAR and blatantly ripping it off for a different animal hair. Why? I love my boars but missed my badgers in December!

A month of using the same type of brush turns out to be pretty damned fun. Lots of camaraderie with your fellow B&Bers and you just might learn something or at least be helped into spending your hard earned money on a new badger brush or two or three.

Please join your B&B badger brush loving friends for a month long tribute to the often replicated but never duplicated badger brush. Put away those synths and boars (see you all in December 2024 for DecemBOAR V BTW!) for the month and get the badgers out.

If you dont have a badger brush, go buy one. I believe a quality badger brush is the pinnacle of shaving luxury, but decide for yourself if you havent had the pleasure of using one.

Join me for all badger January by signing up below. Cut and paste the list and add your name to the bottom IN A NEW COMMENT. Again Add your name to the bottom of the list IN A NEW COMMENT. Sorry, too hard to track if people just say Im in and you will just be missed.

Also post your daily badger brush shave pics when you can. I will be posting my badger brush pics starting January 1st.

Lets see some badgers! 式

I have two brushes that qualify for this. The SOC Mistura is unique in that it will be used for my final shave on 12/31/2023 which will conclude the DecemBoar challenge!

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Good call. I only used my Mistura during DecemBOAR once or twice. As it has badger hair and counts (my thread, my rules! 云), I will use it also in BADGERary! Fantastic knot IMO.

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