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式 式 式 BADGERary 2024!!! Only Badger Brushes for all of January!!! 式 式 式


BADGERary 2024 27/31
Dovo Bismarck 6/8㏄CS Barbershop\ootleggers El Dorado A/S兙aqi Caramel 26mm two bandDetails
Jan 30

Razor: Gillette NEW SC (replated in nickel)
Blade: Personna Lab Blue (2)
Brush: Semogue SOC Finest w/ cherry handle
Soap: AOS Lemon cream super-lathered with Signature Soaps Capra unscented
A/S: Dickinson's Witch Hazel
A/S: Gabel's Sta-Cool
A/S: Prep aftershave balm (Italian)


Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
The month ends with this smallish (for me) but lovely brush.


This knot is a Rudy Vey Manchurian. (Yes, I looked it up in my notes and found the information here.)

Very nice brush to end this month. Mostly I use badgers anyway so it's not been a stretch. Still, I appreciate @SharpieB for hosting this month long event. Thank you, sir. It's been fun.

Happy shaves to everyone,

Jan 31 2024 Wednesday

Wolfman WR2 2.00 OC / 1.80 SB w WR2H in bronze
VikingSoap's ebonite 26mm Odin's Beard knot SHD (Badger or synthetic????)
Grooming Department Pomp soap
Grooming Department/Aion Skincare Tr矇sor AS


Last shave of the month for BADGERary. Was fun while it lasted! Used the Viking ebonite brush with Odin's Beard knot SHD badger? Never quite got an answer if this is really badger hair or not when I bought it from @FloridaCreekIndian back in Oct. 2022. Vikingsoap's website itself is cryptic other then it's a 2 band hair selected to his preference. @FloridaCreekIndian even stated it's probably an Oumi knot from China, so who knows if those are even real badger or not. Oddly enough this was my first time using it after owning it for over a year Performed well enough. Always love the Pomp rose scent and the Wolfman WR2 2.00 OC side is super efficient. No cuts, weepers or irritation. I did use my old standby of PAA Cube 2.0 pre shave prior to the Pomp. Finished off with the brand new Tr矇sor AS which compliments the Pomp superbly.

EDIT: anyone know why the label of the Tr矇sor AS is so dark and hard to read? I don't really understand that since all of Mohammed's other labels are nothing like that.
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