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🐽🐷🐗🐖🥓 FeBOARary 2024 - 29 days to leap back into BOAR brushes 🥓🐖🐗🐷🐽

FeBOARary 11th (Sunday)

Merkur Mergress (setting 3?)
Semogue SOC Taj
Wickham 1912 English Rose
PAA Atomic Bay/witch hazel/rosehip oil mixture in atomizer

FeBOARary 11th (Sunday)

Merkur Mergress (setting 3?)
Semogue SOC Taj
Wickham 1912 English Rose
PAA Atomic Bay/witch hazel/rosehip oil mixture in atomizer

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Shaving notes. First use of the Taj and it didn't disappoint. Nice Scrubby guy. The English Rose smells great and the Taj made a nice face lather. The Mergress I have to fix as I stupidly got the compression spring stuck inside the handle so the knob doesn't spin freely like it's supposed to. I guesstimate it was around a 3 or 4 setting. Lab Blues blade and a nice audible feedback that I appreciated more and more throughout the shave. Seemed way more efficient than I was expecting. Got a decent DFS shave in 2 1/2 passes.
FeBOARary 12 (Monday)

Merkur Mergress (setting 4)
Omega / Prorasso Pro boar
McDuffs Rose Gold


Love the scrub of the Prorasso Pro. Looks like an old witch's broom and that's how I like it! I used Cube 2.0 pre shave then face lathered the Rose Gold with the lovely rose scent. The Mergress on 4.5 setting worked great and now that it's been fixed by removing the stick compression spring from the handle I can tell exactly what setting it is and no guesstimating. DFS
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FeBOARary 13 2024 (Tuesday)

Fatip Open Comb Slant (FOCS) - Gold baseplate
Semogue Torga (C5?) Boar
Tabac soap
Nacet (Gillette)


EDIT: when I saw Opolar's shave today, I realized I had everything he was using so made a decision to copy his shave. Couldn't find a Gillette Blue even though I probably have several hundred blade packs in a box with Italian Barber orders but didn't want to go on a scavenger hunt so I found something similar, the Nacet made by Gillette.

First time in probably over a year using Tabac. Might not be the best soap for face lathering which is pretty much all I do. I wet my face then just lightly rubbed it over my face. Took my Torga that was soaking in my container that has water and residual soap from other brushes that soak in there. Face lathered with the Torga feels great the loft is perfect and not too scratchy. The Tabac is probably a love / hate scent thing but I don't mind it. Kind of stayed too thick of a lather but didn't want to spend more time re wetting and re lathering several times before shaving. The FOCS did its job with a brand new Nacet blade. Probably shaved too quickly as it seemed like is was going to a mindless shave. If I would have used my ancient Lab Blues blade I would have probably minimized the 3 weepers on my neck. I rarely use new blades and even more rarely ever use any brands but the Personna Lab Blues. All in all DFS shave.
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Pre-shave: Warm water rinse
Razor: La Faulx + (France)
Blade: Kai Captain Titan Mild (6)
Soap: SV Manna di Sicilia (Italy)
Brush: Zenith 504AK XSE (Italy)
Post Shave: Alum (France)
Balm: Stirling Unscented
And a splash of The Veg

It was a good day for one of my favorite boar brushes. A very enjoyable shave.
FeBOARary 18th (Sunday)

Blackland Osprey (setting 4)
Turn N Shave shoat boar knot in a Maggard's handle
Van Yulay Broken Roses
Duke Cannon Ice Cold AS balm


Every time I use this shoat knot I wonder why this isn't my#1 boar knot, ( it is that good) it's just that I have so many nice boar knots and why I love using them year round!

The Osprey is a nice adjustable razor. First time using it so went middle of the road setting it at 4. Had 3 day growth and it was very efficient in taking it off with ease. Used my Lab Blues blade which I love.

The Broken Rose soap smells nice enough but I'm not a fan of the rosette clumps the soap is in the container. I'd much rather it be like normal soaps with just one flat edge. There are many edges in these rosette clumps for a potential for mold to start growing.


That said, DFS shave.
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FeBOARary 20 (Tuesday)

Blackland Osprey (setting 7)
Omega 10051 boar
Master Soap Creations x Pasteurs Bloom soap


Second time using the Osprey first time at 4 this time at 7. Smooth and drama free. No cuts, weepers or irritation. Used my old Personna Lab Blues and it worked to perfection. The Omega 10051 barrel type brush is comfortable in the hands and the bristles are nice and scrubby. Took a while to find the rare yellow color but it's nice to have. The Bloom soap was my first try. Lathered nicely with a tiny amount. Loaded it for 3 seconds and then face lathered. 1 1/2 pass DFS
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