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INFO! 2024 Rudy Vey B&B GROUP BUY!!

The B&B 2024 Group Buy Brush is happening!!

The handle is the classic, yet elegant and ergonomic shape of the Persian Jar! The color will be the classic ivory color. Other colors have been considered, but it seems that the ivory color was quite favorable in the comments we got. Also, the availability of some of the material mentioned is not guaranteed.

There will be several options for knots, plus the handle alone. The knots are all in the 24/25 mm size, which was also mostly mentioned in the thread.

Brushes will be engraved into the bottom with the following:

Ordering for B&B Group Buy brush 2024:

The following info must be in Paypal when ordering:

Your real and your B&B name, and your choice of handle only or which knot you want!!
  1. Handle only ($80)
  2. Semogue Premium Boar ($105)
  3. Synthetic, Muehle STF knot ($110)
  4. Semogue Mistura knot ($115)
  5. Shavemac 2-band silvertip 24 mm ($160) fan or bulb
  6. Shavemac D01 two-band silvertip 24 mm ($180) fan or bulb
For international shipping, please see the note below, and add the extra shipping cost.

The following can be shipped worldwide: Handle only, Synthetic, and the Boar knot – badgers and mix with badger hair cannot be shipped outside the USA.

Payment via PayPal with choice of knot, and the info above (name, B&B name) to:

[email protected]

Note: The link above is Rudy's PayPal address not a link to PayPal. You must head to PayPal first, then send your payment to this address. It is mandatory to add a note of your choices:

Please add your real name and B&B handle, the choice you make for the knot in the information part of PayPal.

“Handle only, paid $80”

“Shavemac 2-band silvertip 24 mm, fan, paid $160”

“Muehle Synthetic, paid $110”

“Mistura, paid $115”

“Premium Boar, paid $105”

"Shavemac D01 two-band silvertip 24mm, bulb, paid $180"

I also ask to have your address in PayPal, so I can ship easily from PayPal shipping app.

If someone is outside the USA, I can only ship handle, brush with synthetic knot, or boar!

Extra shipping cost for Canada please add $11; extra shipping for other international destinations please add $15

Ordering starts today, and closes on March 31st 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time, OR when we reach 75 brushes!

Without further adieu:

Semogue Premium Boar
Semogue Premium Boar.jpg

Synthetic, Muehle STF
Synthetic Muehle STF.jpg

Semogue Mistura
Semogue Mistura.jpg

Shavemac 2-band Silvertip
Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip.jpg

Shavemac D01 Two-band silvertip
Shavemac D01 Two-band.jpg

Thank you @Rudy Vey and @luvmysuper!! Who's going to place the first order?!?
That’s quite elegant indeed!

For someone who has no Persian Jar experience, can you guys tell me a little about the shape?
Where would you say they excel?
Would they be a good fit for bowl lathering?
I have 2 of Rudy’s Persian Jar handles and I will be ordering this one too. Extremely ergonomic and has a classic look as you can see. I am only a bowl latherer and the Persian Jar is great for this.
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