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    Ohh yeah, brother. That thing rocks!

  2. I am a fan of Invicta and Casio divers. I also quite like a Fossil leather cuff watch I have been wearing a lot lately. My outdoors watch is a battered Timex digital that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Accurate, budget friendly timepieces that look good. What's not to like?
  3. There's much to be said for cheap watches. I do own a Rolex 2-tone Sub that I love and wear a lot, but I also have an Invicta diver that looks and feels a lot like my Sub. I wear it traveling and never have to worry about damaging or losing it; I can definitely tell it's not a Rolex as the stem and bracket don't work as smoothly but for $85 (purchased in Mexico) who cares. As a bonus, it keeps as good of time as the Sub.
  4. I have a number of Invicta and other budget friendly watches. My most expensive watch is the knockoff Submariner auto I bought for $180 in Mexico in 2005. Since I had to replace the bracelet. I have a 40 mm, 43 mm and 47 mm Pro Diver and a Grand Diver all autos.

    There is the Hamilton Thin o Matic that belonged to my dad's dad. It was his every day watch from the time he got it as a service award from his employer to the day he died. I don't wear it much partly due to it's size. (~33 mm)

    A great dressy but too dressy is my Rotary. 42 mm automatic skeletonized dial. Fits well under a suit sleeve. Couple of Sturhling Original pieces too. The Rotary while previously owned was brand new and still in its original packaging. The ShopNBC price at the time was $200. I paid $70.

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  5. I’m a Seiko man myself. I’ve got two Seiko automatics I adore wearing. Plus, I’ve a couple Timex’s. As a middle-aged family man, that’s good enough for me.
  6. When I was in iraq there was a shop that sold fake Rolex. I almost bought one for$160. It looked nice but I couldn’t justify buying it
  7. Though I do have a couple what might be deemed expensive pieces, I also have come to enjoy the cheapie Russian Scuuba Dood type watches. The ongoing problem with the expensive mechanical watches is the servicing, and it will get worse as the number of watchmakers dwindles. I just had a full service done on a Rolex GMTII and it came dear. My Orange Monster Seiko will require one soon, but not sure that I won't just replace the movement. Which is very wasteful, unfortunately

    The only cheap watches that I despise are the counterfeits. Nothing says more about the character of a character than wearing a fake .. be it hair or Rolex,
  8. 50% of the time i wear my Omega's, but the rest of the time is spent between a Suunto, a citizen quartz, a benrus sea lorda vitage doxa and a 70's LED watch. none of them were more than a nundred fifty (the Suunto) and the otehrs less than a hundred. the citizen i picked up for 30 buck on the Bay. I just picked up a second citizen fro 21 bucks.
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    My everyday watch is a Casio and I really love Casio watches for a casual or not overly formal outfit.

    For an elegant, reasonably priced watch my pick is Tissot. By the way, soon or later, I desire to add a Tissot pocket watch to my collection, too!
  10. I'm looking at watches now. I bought a classic G-shock for work and casual but would like something with a bracelet and hands that looks dressy/casual/sporty for when I'm not mucking around. I'm wondering how loud the automatics are as at times I can be seriously distracted and annoyed by ticking .....I'm looking at a quartz Hamiliton 40mm field watch(H68551933) but also at a couple of the Seiko 5 automatics and Orient Mako II. I'm very tempted to pull the trigger on the mako or the Hamilton.....the Hamilton is a bit expensive for me at $500 but I seen it for 350 grey market.
  11. I don't hear any of my automatics - actually there's more noise, albeit the humming, from my vintage Accutrons.
  12. You shouldn't be hearing your automatic at all, really. I have incredibly sensitive hearing and even I have to hold them up to my ear to hear them. Pocket watches, on the other hand, are a different beast, but a wristwatch shouldn't be loud at all.
  13. Some automatics have a loud rotor. The original Makos/Rays were one of them because they used ball bearings with the rotor. You could literally feel and hear it moving. Maybe this changed with the newer ones.
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    Daily driver is a Bertucci titanium. I tend to be rough on watches. Also like Seiko, one is my current "beater" watch. $100 is my limit. I prefer simple faces, only complication I like is date. Have never cared for digital, to me time is relative, is it close to lunch, etc. The rare occasion I need precise time I grab it off my phone.
  15. A friend buys watches at estate sales and says you can get some good prices there. I wear a Seiko that I got decades ago.
  16. Absolutely nothing wrong with most of the brands mentioned above. However, please bare in mind that most "fashion" watches are made by Fossil. Your Michael Kors, Prada, and others, all made by Fossil.

    Timex is well respected by watch enthusiasts. Seiko as well.
  17. I love Rolex, but the market has gone ballistic and I do not ever see myself paying the prices for the desirable models. Omega and Tudor are excellent alternatives. Seiko is great when you need something that can simply take a beating.
  18. You're right, something extremely odd is going on in the watch market as a whole, especially the Rolex market.

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