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Arko August 2021

First of Arko August.

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Soap: Arko
Brush: Men-U boar
Razor: GC.68 SB, Astra SP #4
Post-shave: Nivea Balm.

The shave with Arko is like MWF (my current gold standard), as it lathers up as easily, and performs well. Got a BBS face, acceptably smooth neck, and no user error.

Where it loses marks is post-shave, as it's drying and leaves a bit of sting. It pairs up better with a balm than an alcohol aftershave.

My home-made puck was aired-out for 2 weeks. The scent is like a laundry product, "clean" but nothing fancy.
Happy Arko August!!

While I won't be using Arko stick for every shave this month. I will be more than any soap in my rotation. I usually do anyway.

So I guess this August it will be Arko on the down low for me.

Look forward to seeing everyone's shave pic's and hearing about their shaves.

Thanks again to @FoolishMortal. For taking the time to organize this again for 2021.

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Shave: 1
Soap: ARKO stick
Razor: Winning
Blade: Zerton straight and Shark platinum super stainless (11)
Brush: Stirling Finest Badger 24mm fan knot.
Aftershave: Clubman Pinaud
Working on my straight skills. First pass was with the straight and WTG. Next was DE ATG and some touch up DSF. No blood in the water. But there was some irritation.

My goal is to end the month with not really needing the shark. But it’s going to stay close to the boat all month as needed.​
Keep at it with the SR, shaving daily. With each shave your SR technique will improve until after a week or so you won't need a crutch. Don't try for BBS. That will just come on its own as your technique improves.
Happy Whole Hog Arko August Boarko style folks! I’ll be rollin’ with the pigs this month. We’ll all be slathered in Arko every day of the month. This behavior has been fully sanctioned by the Arko Boarko council. Let the games begin!

Aug 1: Arko stick whipped up with a Semogue 820, and a 1965 Gillette SS loaded with a Treet Platinum made for a more than respectable shave. Followed it with a few hits of Whiskey Woods. Have a good week folks!

9B6508D0-048C-4113-A8E7-01E34A85DE4A.jpeg 979042A4-EA8D-4A17-917F-0E582709C2A5.jpeg 9346E692-2A59-4D68-82BD-1DFD2B68D6A6.jpeg
Arko August #1 Mon 2nd SOTD
Cream Arko Cool
Brush Yaqi 26mm Mysterious Space Tuxedo
Razor Friedr Herder Abr. Sohn 77 (4th)
Post & Aftershaves Ice Water + Stirling Witchhazel MitA + HA + TGS Sea Citrus
Start with the use of Arko albeit with a cream, slowly ease into August. This cream has been long-ignored and wow it was dang nice. Pleasant fresh scent and woooo, what a lovely creamy slick lather...some cooling sensation too!
Shave with the razor was uneventful but still not satisfied with the efficiency. The edge was still smooth and comfortable in 3passes+ for a between ccs to sas result without any weepers. Aftershaves were always good.
Monday, August 2, 2021

Rating: 5 / 5

Razor: Merkur 33C W/ Razorock Halo handle
Blade: Astra Superior Platinum (2)
Brush: RazoRock Disruptor
Pre-Shave: Shower
Lather: Arko Original
Aftershave: Proraso Eucalyptus and Menthol
Additional Care:
Alum Block
cold water splash
Thayers Witch Hazel Astringent (unscented)
Stirling Aftershave Balm (unscented)
English Laundry Notting Hill

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Razor Rockwell 6S
Blade Wizamet Super Iridium (4)
Brush PAA Peregrino
Soap Arko
Toner Lucky Tiger
AS Pinaud Lime Sec

Rating 9.5/10 BBS
Great shave today. The Wizamet remains smooth. Three passes plus touchups. The shave was very much like yesterdays Polsilver shave EXCEPT that on the third pass, on the right side of my face, the blade really struggled to cut the whiskers along the jawline going ATG. I did get the whiskers but I had to keep going over and over that spot. I always shave one side of my face with one blade edge and flip the razor to the other edge to get the other side of my face. I am thinking one edge of the Wizamet is beginning to dull.

Arko Rock.jpg
ARKO Boarko Part Deux (ARKO 2, 2021)

ARKO + Omega 20102 Boar Brush + my face = great lather; slick and aromatic.

Great shave in this second day of ARKO Boarko. My Omega 20102 is one of my favorite brushes and it only cost me about $11 and plenty of time.

I used a GEM Junior with a GEM PTFE blade for an easy two pass DFS shave.

974386F4-3F69-4CC6-AB38-943670D8558E.jpeg C5CC4BE8-D74D-482D-81C4-A28260DE37AC.jpeg 55A55D0C-5D3E-4D62-BAB4-8590478995BE.jpeg
I haven't posted much lately, but I had to come back and get my name on the list for my 3rd Arko August, ... this time you can move me up to Gung-Ho. I no longer see a reason to stray from Arko's glory this month. I try out enough other stuff thru the rest of the year.
You know those blokes who don’t sign up for a major sporting event, but then turn up at the start line in running shoes only to sneak off down the pub once the race starts? That’s me, that is.

Vintage Gong (Solingen) 6/8 round point straight razor
Vie Long white horse / boar mix brush
Arko stick
Arko “Gold Power” aftershave

I’d never have the willpower for soap monogamy for more than about a day. I might pop back to cheer on the runners later in the month, but you’ll probably find me down the Wickham Arms this time tomorrow.

All the best to everyone running. Have a good one.
Hail and farewell, good sir.
I'm in. Love to smell Arko in the morning. Makes me feel alive!
Welcome. I'm slotting you in for "Arko on the down-low", but tell me if that should change.
I will try for "Gung-ho" but will probably forget at 5:30 am a couple times and use my regular soap. I'm not awake until the second cup of coffee these days.
Gotcha. Just let us know if you slip out of the Gung-ho category.
I'm in for Arko Gung-ho
Happy Arko August!!

While I won't be using Arko stick for every shave this month. I will be more than any soap in my rotation. I usually do anyway.

So I guess this August it will be Arko on the down low for me.

Look forward to seeing everyone's shave pic's and hearing about their shaves.

Thanks again to @FoolishMortal. For taking the time to organize this again for 2021.
It's my pleasure. :)

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