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Where'd You Get Your Username?

Hello everyone! These types of threads can be fun sometimes. As the title says, how did you come to choose your username? Some I see played with names or dates. Others from characters I recognize. Still others seem comical and quirky, just like us! So if you'd like to share, here's a good place. I'll start us off.

Rookie was the nickname my platoon gave me when I got to my first army unit in Germany (go Big Red One!). I shrugged it off until I got back from my first war. The newbs there heard someone call me Rookie. And that was my name. It followed me to my second unit. And, years later, I meet someone I served with at the restaurant I was working as a chef. My coworkers heard I was called Rookie and then the nickname followed me around. I've made peace with it and take kind of a perverse pleasure in earning an army nickname that's stuck around since 1999.
It actually has nothing to do with the Parker shaving company. When I was 16, I took a job as a graphic designer. It was only temporary but I worked all summer and saved my money. When it was over, I used the money I had earned to buy my dream guitar at the time - a Parker Fly Deluxe in emerald green. Unfortunately, they’re no longer made but I still have it 20 years later in mint condition.
I made “Tarak” up long ago in college as a gamer name. Thought I made it up yet felt like I had heard it somewhere. A few years later I realized Terok Nor was the original name for Deep Space Nine in Star Trek.


Two reasons...

Firstly, I have always had an aversion to following the well trodden path through life. Buying a house, settling down, starting a family, and so on. Instead, I very much went "freestyle" through life. Intentionally stayed single, never had a sexual partner who knows where I live (I know nobody else my age who's achieved that), pursued random hobbies and interests. I did a sign language course just for the heck of it, studies and training in hypnospychotherapy, bought a canal boat, ran the boatyard, actively involved in a stage society, stand up comedy, charity work, all while holding down a career in engineering. I never followed anyone else's path, I made my own. I also enjoyed hiking, and the freedom of the great outdoors.

Secondly, as part of a wide spectrum of neurological disorders that have developed over the last few years, I have a chronic balance disorder, and couldn't walk in a straight line if I tried :)
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