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The Quaznoid Challenge

The challenge continues. Finally sold off all extra razors. I am down to one razor, the little travel Tech plus a Durham Duplex handle in case I want a full size handle. So far I’ve just been using the tiny handle. Still working through the small tub of shaving cream I have, but when it’s gone I’ll try an extended run with hand soap scraps. Keep it simple…..keep it…..Quaznoid.


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Final step of the Quaznoid challenge..
“ I advise you to acquire a simple kit, learn to use it, and never come back to B&B. “
So, I will now bid you all adieu. Thanks to Quaznoid and everyone else for the advice/opinions on the world of wet shaving.
This is sarcasm, right? As adult hobbies go, this is far less financially burdensome than golf or shooting trap.
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