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'50s Gillette Super Speeds - Debating between Regular "Flare Tip" or the "Red Tip"

I've been in the market for a Super Speed recently. I was just wondering if some of the members could maybe give me some of their advice.

A few days ago I was about to buy a 1953 "40s style" Super Speed but someone got it before me. However, I wasn't really all that worried as I prefer the look of the later, 50s style Super Speeds with the flared TTO knob and the nice blocky type knurling.

I'm now debating over a regular Flare Tip or a Red Tip. Both would be the US versions, around mid 50s.. 54-56-ish. I know asking which is better is asking how long is a piece of string so I am not doing that but essentially I was just wondering if I could get any help in deciding which may be the better option for me.

To give a bit of background, for the longest time I liked milder razors but lately I've definitely been moving towards more efficient or aggressive razors. Any time I use a razor considered to be on the milder side like maybe an R89 or AS-D2 especially I always feel like they're just a bit mild for me. I know everyone is different, skin, beard, face etc, and a lot of people love these razors and get great results from them. But for me, they were nice to start with and no risk of irritation or cuts but I always feel maybe something a little more aggressive will offer a better, closer, more efficient shave. I may not be using the correct terminology or I may be misusing words but I'm sure you will get the general idea of what I'm saying!

I've really fell for my Rex Ambassador in recent times. It just works so well for me.. you know when you find your perfect daily driver razor? Well it wwas like that with me and the Ambassador. Before I'd bought it I'd been advised it was quite and aggressive razor with a lot of blade feel.. and honestly I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out it worked so well for me. I typically use it up the setting around 4-5 and I love it. It gives me such lovely smooth shaves and demolishes the vast majority of everything in one or two passes.. shock and awe style. 🤭

Could anyone weight in and maybe tell me what they think of these two vintage Gillettes and what might be the best option for me? The regular Flare tip or the Red Tip? I would go for the regular Flare Tip but I'm just concerned maybe I'd be better off going with a Red Tip. The blue tip obviously is out the window as it's extra mild. I've heard some say the Red Tip is very aggressive yet I've heard other people say it's really not as crazy as they thought and no more than a Fatboy on maybe 6-ish? I like the look of the Red Tip better with the slightly different grip/knurling and as a bonus it's a little bit more rare also.

Just wondered if anyone had any advice for me. I understand it's a difficult question as everyone's mileage will vary.. but anything at all would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,
Red tip is not aggressive, it’s just more aggressive than the flare, but they are all mild to medium I’d say.

Based on what you said, I’d go for the red tip. I have a 40’s SS and a red tip but I don’t have the flare tip.

The red tip has a nice weight to it, feels nice in the hand. I love them both.

I’d pick both, but if you must go for one I’d pull the trigger on the red tip.
Both razors are pretty mild. The regular is milder than the red tip of course. Since you want the more aggressive one, go for the red tip
Red Tip hands down. Any razor can cut you if you don’t have good technique, so think "Efficient" versus "Aggressive." The silver flare tip is a fine razor, but the Red Tip is heavier, has better knurling and is much more efficient than the silver or blue tip; allowing you to easily get a DFS in a single pass while being mild enough for a 2-3 pass shave. The Red Tip is my “desert island razor,” so I lean toward choosing it, but both razors excel at their age.
In that period of SS flair tips you had three varieties the blue tip, silver tip and red tip. Blue was lightest with an aluminum handle and an approx. .45mm blade gap. Silver was in the middle with a plated brass handle and an approx. .58mm blade gap. Red was the heaviest with a thicker plated brass handle and an approx. .76mm blade gap. I agree with all above that recommended the red as the selection you would be happiest with.
I have had both and found that I got a closer shave with the Red Tip. It also has a larger diameter handle which for me is more comfortable in the hand. My Red Tip will always have a place in my rotation.

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