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Whats the purpose of buying MULTIPLE DE razors?

Do you shave with a different DE everyday or do you just like to collect them like people collect old signs, bottle caps, and coins :tongue_sm?
Pffff....that's like asking me if I wear the same clothes everyday. Of course I shave with a different DE everyday. Variety is the spice of life.
I started off wetshaving as a way to save money and at the time scoffed at having more than one razor. It evolved into a hobby and now I have about 20 razors & shave with all of them.
I have two, a modern razor and a vintage Gillette NEW. I want to expand since I'd like to find that razor which is perfect for me, it is like getting the perfect shotgun. The gun has to sing to you, and then fit you, but you're always looking for that "perfect" one. Also, I really like to have things that were made before me, I own a shotgun and a razor made in the 30s, I like that.
I have fourteen razors which has satisfied my RAD. Right now I am working on my BAD (Brush Acquisition Disorder). LOL
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This is every razor I've ever purchased since getting wrapped up in this whole shaving entanglement last summer.

Green (8) is what sits in the rack in my den. This is the only category that's "ranked" from favorite (and most used) to least. I suppose you could call it a rotation, but really only the top 4 make up the rotation. The other 4 are either kept for their coolness points, or for a change of pace every now and then. I was hoping to keep this # down to 6, but then I got bit by the SE bug and couldn't bring myself to boot any of the DEs out of the den.

Yellow (2) are permanent fixtures in their respective locations.

Orange (7) are ones that I've decided to stash. Mainly backups and loaners to spread the gospel to new converts. The NEW SC is the only one in this group that serves as a change-up option because it happens to be the only razor in which I enjoyed Feather blades.

Red (6) are razors that I still own, but are going to be PIF'd or sold in due time. Tried them out, but they either didn't suit my preferences or were redundant with what I already have. The EJ was my first safety razor.

Gray (3) are razors that I've PIF'd to friends over the holidays and a birthday. All of them were extras in lot auctions I won on the bay. Any razors currently marked Red that I eventually sell or PIF will end up in this category.


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I have 6 razors and use them all. Merkur 46c for travel. Rotation at home includes feather, ikon slant, ATT R2, Weber, and Braveheart. I also have 6 brushes plus a synthetic for travel and use them regularly. I buy quality items and use them. Not a fettish or acquisition disorder, rather I enjoy the diversity of experiences.
I have 10. About half vintage and half modern. I got them all at different times because I'd hear stories about how great they are so I'd buy one and see if I like it or not. Love them all. I put a blade in one and use it until the blade isn't good any more then I move onto the next and do the same thing
I have about 15 DE's, dating from about 1907 to 2014,I use them all, why?, because they all require a different technique, they all behave different with different blades and I want to keep an old skill alive!. I also love getting a old unloved razor and cleaning and polishing it to its former glory!.
It's the neverending search for the perfect razor. And when we find it, we such for a "more perfect" razor.
+1 ... I have anywhere from 5 to 7 DE razors in active rotation at any given time, plus another 40 or so in the drawer.

Among my active razors, each one is paired with a specific brand of blade that I have found give optimal results. I choose which one to use depending on what condition my beard is in on any given day. I have razors that are designated as a 1, 2, or 3+ day shavers, depending on how long its been since my last shave and how much whiskers I have to harvest.

Ask a chef why he has multiple knives. Or an artist why he has so many different sizes of paintbrushes. Or a mechanic why he has so many different screwdrivers.

I couldn't imagine being a wet-shaver and NOT having multiple razors to choose from. Same goes for brushes.
I have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50ish and never use the same razor twice in a row(or in a month for that matter). I just like the variety, and different looks of different razors. I have slowed down a bit on the razor collecting, but I'm now onto software collecting. I now have about 40ish different soaps and creams.
Don't you know? After you used one for the period of one blade they need to rest for at least one moon cycle or they get nasty. Simple!
How do you sell them?

It's all the different styles available that keeps me buying. I've purchased about 15 since I started, have 6 now and am looking to be down to 4 next month. A lot of times it seems like I'm renting them considering how many I've bought and sold.
I have about 25-30 modern and about a dozen vintage Gillettes.

Some of my modern ones have had little or no use. I wonder if there is somewhere I could donate these to and get a tax deduction. Same goes for a few dozen soaps/aftershaves that I've decided I'm not going to use.