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Considering to move away from DE razors. Looking for advice.

Cartridge razors are probally better in every way, but they lack character im my humble opinion. I have no doubt new technology renders most DE razor obsolete if you do this just to remove hair. However, it is a ritual my father taught me, the blade, the oil, the cream, the repeats, the mist, the reappliaction, the splash, the sound of the DE across the face, etc. Cartrdige and goop makes for a just a good shave if to just remove hair, but the pageantry of the DE process, the honoring of of my father, the almost 50 creams I now own, I cannot bring myself to change. Shaving is life in a way now. It is a code. A routine. A rejection of modernity..I am Greek, a the simple pleasure of a 40-50 minute shave is my most enjoyable few moments of life until the real world of wives, babies, bosses, and concrete confront me.
There was a year where we moved to a house where our bathroom was nice but the layout was inconvenient for wetshaving. I found myself using a cartridge usually — my Mach 3 to be specific — because it was just easier to use in that setting. I probably could have gotten things organized for DE a bit better but we didn't intend on staying there long term so never got around to really thinking about it and working it out.

When we moved again I found myself using a DE again, probably more than ever before.

None of this was really intentional, it just kind of was a matter of what I was reaching for without thinking. When I started using the cartridge I was surprised at how well it worked, and started trying out a Fusion more, and so forth. Over time though, I kind of returned to my original conclusion, which was although the cartridge was easier and the first shave or two was pretty nice, especially with the Fusion, I didn't get more than 3 or maybe 4 shaves out of it before I started running into razor burn and irritation. The DE was just a lot less irritating and smoother — or in the very least, it wasn't any less smooth, for many more shaves, and cost a fraction of the cartridge.

I admit for me the Fusion works better than the Mach 3, it's closer and smoother of a shave, but it also costs a lot more, and I'm not sure the difference is worth it to me, especially with DEs as an alternative.

My guess is people who moved to carts near-exclusively aren't going to be on this forum as much?

I agree with another suggestion of injectors. I haven't used them as much but what I did reminded me a lot of some kind of cross between a cart and a DE razor. I've wondered about giving them another go (probably an adjustable stainless), as the one I have access to I'm not sure is in quite optimal condition, but it seems like there's many fewer injector blades out there. I might be incorrect about that but it's my impression.

But it seems like you're getting good shaves with your Mach 3? If it's the handle or something like that there's nice Mach 3 razors out there.
I have been shaving with a DE safety razor since at least some time before 2010, so for about 14 years. For me, the 'fun' and hobby aspect of shaving has always been the brushes and the soaps, not the razors. For this reason I have always been content with cheap razors such as my current go-to, a Wilkinson TTO.

Some time ago I went on a trip and packed my old Mach3. Over the course of five days or so, I got some amazing shaves. Shaves that were even better than with a DE (especially on the neck). Because of this and my low interest in DE's as explained, I am now considering to move away from DE's altogether. Perhaps I pick up a cartridge razor, or even a disposable.

My question is if any of you guys have ever moved away from DE's to something else. If so, why? And which alternative did you choose?
I have used everything from SE to cheap disposable and I always come back to the DE. The only thing I have not tried is obsidian shaving how our primitive ancestors did it before fire was invented.
I find myself rotating between GEM, AC, DE and injector shaves. If I had to pick one, I could probably be happy with vintage GEM razors. They are inexpensive and the thicker blade can give great shaves. The shave angle is different than DE razors (EverReady 1924 one of the exceptions) but you can learn it quickly.
Still have my old Trac II and I occasionally shave with it. Gillette's later multiblade razors were intentionally designed to self-destruct, but the Trac II will last forever.
I use a Trac II for traveling but never shave with it at home. All of my DE and SE stuff is right there, and I get great shaves and enjoy the process. Not to derail the thread, but I can't understand going back to cartridges. To each his own.
Ya know...? Sometimes I ponder how cartridge shaving would have gone down if I had know more of what I know now, of wet shaving. I found my way by means of getting razor burn on my neck for decades. Suppose, I apply the knowledge of a proper procedure and a good bowl lather ((no offense face-latherers) is that a word? Latherers?)) and who knows?

The thing I like about the DE Safty razor thing is that it is multifaceted.

1 - No plastic waiting in a landfill for my great-great gandchildren. My razors are reusable tools. I will use them until I am no longer needed here on earth, then they can be repurposed to other users.

2 - I like to do things by hand, as I drive a manual shift car and will as long as possible. And an electric razor will fail. It has to. Small man-made machines like an electric razor will go to a landfill and seldom be repurposed. But a DE safety razor? It can last forever, or at least a very long time.

3 - Men embracing grooming their facial hair is uniquely male, both beards and shaving, so embrace it as the privilege that it is. But I reiterate, the shave is why we're here. My feeling is, all things considered, the safety razor is the way to go...or at least that's my less than humble opinion.

Thought about that as well. But one empty tub of Proraso green easily compensates this. Sad but true.
I avoid plastic tubs as well. I try and get refill pucks and put them into containers I already have. My blades are Kai’s so no plastic tuck.

The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to avoid is the delivery process. When I do place an order I buy a lot at once to minimize impact. I average about one order per year.
I started shaving with a Mach3, when it was "the" razor to get. Even with a light beard as a youngster I struggled. So much so that after some years I bought an electric(philips). I learned to use it, but it wasn't great. I have used it for a decade and I accepted my reality that shaving my face will irritate it no matter what. When the electric gave up, I tried a Fusion cartridge. There was still some irritation, but much more comfortable. I have used that for years, the only issue was 1) expensive, 2) the first 3 shaves are stellar, 4-5-6 are ok, beyond that it is ****, but I pulled through as the package said "up to a month" so surely I was to blame for only getting 3 good shaves out of it. Then I tried a couple of other cartridges from different manufacturers. Most were worse, except for maybe one Wilkinson, that cost half of fusion and provided a good shave (back than). Then I found DE shaving somehow online, and bought an R89, which was followed by many other things :) I think I have used cartridge once when travelling and I couldn't buy a tuck of DE blades where we were (a capital city in Europe. lol, yeah, nothing on the shelves). It was a Bic 3 blade cart. It wasn't bad, but I haven't touched it ever since. I kept is as backup for travelling light.
TLDR: to each their own, the Mach3 is the absolute worst cart for me, anything else works better, be it electric, cart or DE.
Straight razors. I moved away from DE's more because I felt I'd lost interest and wasn't learning anything new. There is always something to experiment with using straights.
Straight razors. I had one for a few months back in 2008 or so, a Thiers-Issard I believe. Sold it for reasons I can't really recall 😕 Do you find the upkeep easy? I can sharpen a pocket knife but a straight requires an even more refined edge.


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
I’m using AC razors about a third of the time now, so if I ever switched totally away from de that’s probably what I’d use. I‘d use a Bic Metal or Gillette Guard before I returned to multi blade cartridges, though.
The Bic Metal (someday I'll have to find out why they call it that) would be my choice. Multi-blade carts are not comfortable for my face. OK, that would be my third choice behind getting a better DE or an injector.
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