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Vintage April, 2024

As our Vintage Leader @never-stop-learning needs his attention elsewhere at the moment - and rightly so I might add - I hope he doesn’t mind me kickstarting this year’s seasonal vintage sessions. And if I was too quick I apologise.

Please join David and me for Vintage April, 2024!

We'll dedicate the entire month of April for vintage razors of all types, DE & SE! :)

Let's update the definition of 'vintage' to include any DE or SE razor manufactured 1974 or earlier. In other words, any razor 50 or more years old.

Beginning on 4/1, we’ll start posting our vintage DE & SE shaves to this thread. If you would like to do so, please feel free to post your vintage shaves and comments.

Have Fun and Happy Shaves. :cool:

And as David is one of our fine moderators, I am sure he can transfer the thread from me to him if necessary. Credit where credit is due.

Go Vintage!! :001_wub:
I’m in as a ‘side effect’ of being in on the adjustable April. Here’s the weapons of choice…
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