What's in your mug? - November 2008

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French-pressed Celebes Kalossi Toraja this a.m.
Now finishing a cup of Arya Estate Autumnal Darjeeling
(to wash down my half sandwich of Sam Lagrassa's pastrami
(w/ sauerkraut & whole grain mustard on a French roll. Purists
may object, but my arteries have died & gone to heaven)).

Now to drive my wife & son to the airport & get ready for tonight's open mike.
Four days of bachelorhood await.
Now, if I could only give the dog away.

Cool image today accidentally when brewing up costa rican tres rios in the vac pot. Kind of a reflection of me and my kitchen
I've been really into this oolong tea that my father in law mailed me from taiwon. Not sure what brand it is though...
Not open for further replies.