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What's in your mug? - November 2008

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, French pressed.

I really enjoy my teas, and this pu-erh thing is splendid, but if this was the only caffeinated beverage available, that'd be okay.
Indian Peaberry in a press.

After I erm kind of got bored of paperwork and housework and decided to see what would happen if I ground some shupu to turkish fine and put it in an ibrik brewer, and then tried it coarser in a vac pot.

Please nobody ever get experimental with tea and grinders. It does not end well. Ever.

Of course I knew this before I set off but I hate forms and anything works as a distraction!


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El Salvador Cup of Excellence #15 Santa Maria brewed in the Technivorm. Excellent coffee full of red fruit tastes.


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Fresh roasted organic, fair-trade Sumatra (local grocery store roasts to order while you shop).

Its a great program and the coffee ain't bad either.
We may need a poll thread on milk and sugar. I shall start one, as I used to take both but better coffee has weaned me of them.
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